Housing Recruitment.


Making a Difference, One Placement at a Time.

As one of the UK's leading social housing recruitment agencies, our team of accomplished consultants supply permanent, interim and contract staff to Local Authorities and housing associations in the public sector.

A continuous shortage of houses, underfunding and an overbearing demand for services continues to be a critical challenge for the housing sector.  

With multiple challenges to manage simultaneously, we understand that finding candidates who are dedicated, can work efficiently and make a real difference, is not as easy as it seems. This is where we can help. 

We have a strong network of housing professionals with specific legislative knowledge across key areas such as the Housing Act, the Homelessness Reduction Act, Rights to Access and Council Tax frameworks. 

Understanding the key differences, knowledge and skill sets required for different roles is just one of the ways we efficiently identify and source the right people for the job. 

We are APSCo and REC accredited to ensure you have complete confidence that every candidate is rigorously vetted, with all the relevant checks completed, before the candidate commences work. 

To discover more about our housing recruitment services, or to get a tailored quote for your business or Local Authority, please call us on 01772 954200.


What We Offer.

  • Extensive pool of experienced housing professionals with meticulous legislative knowledge
  • Established as a leading social housing recruitment agency
  • Competence in placing senior appointments and difficult to fill roles including Homelessness Officers, Temporary Accommodation Officers and Planning Enforcement Officers 
  • Trusted by an extensive number of Local Authorities  
  • Outstanding reputation for recruiting in the public sector
  • Comprehensive methodology to reduce time to hire 
  • Dedicated compliance support 
Spencer Clarke Group public sector team

Areas We Specialise In.

  • Homelessness Professionals
  • Temporary Accommodation Professionals
  • Emergency Accommodation Professionals
  • Sheltered Housing Professionals
  • Estate Services Professionals
  • Senior Appointments

Searching for diverse and qualified talent to join your team? Give us a call on 01772 954200 to discuss your talent acquisition needs and how we can help. 

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Candidates that commence work less than 1 week after interview
Fill rate on exclusive roles
Temporary placements extended past the initial period
Councils we supply to

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Tower Hamlets Council

Tower Hamlets Council

Hackney Council

Hackney Council

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council

Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council


Solutions to Meet Your Needs.

Despite the importance of recruiting top talent, we understand that the whole recruitment process is a job which you could probably do without.

Even for jobs which attract good applicants, the whole recruitment process, from posting the job to sifting through applications and arranging interviews, can be challenging and time-consuming.

With our contingent recruitment service, it enables you to find the quality candidates which you need while allowing you to focus on other responsibilities.

To get the best outcome, we recommend that clients use the contingency service on an exclusive basis.

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No pressure

Finding you the perfect candidate is our number one goal so there is no pressure to hire unless you are perfectly satisfied.

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Save time

Sifting through irrelevant CVs taking up too much time? Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll narrow down the search, leaving you to engage and interview the most suitable candidates.

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Peace of mind

With client satisfaction at the heart of what we do, you can sit back safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the best people on the job.

With difficult to fill roles, rural locations or business critical hires, a robust and thorough recruitment process is absolutely essential. 

In these scenarios, we usually find that the perfect candidate is already in employment and not actively searching for a new position.

This requires us to adopt a totally different methodology compared to other ‘traditional’ recruitment methods.

Our retained ‘headhunting’ solution is the most comprehensive service we offer. Working exclusively to fill your role, we’ll leave no stone unturned in the search for your perfect candidate.

Recruitment Solutions

Rigorous methodology

Discovering and reaching out to passive or diasporic talent is just one of the ways we go above and beyond standard search processes.

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Fully tailored

When you’re recruiting at a high level, candidates must be ticking every box. From aligning with the company culture to skills and attitudes, our search will be fully tailored to your individual requirements.

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When working on a retained basis, we are fully committed to the process until the position is filled. We like to think of our retained clients as partners so your success is our success.

Sometimes a business will require short-term hires to step in during time critical projects, periods of fast growth, seasonality or maternity and sickness leave.

Despite being short-term hires, usually 3 - 12 months, finding candidates who can quickly understand the job - and do it well - is crucial.

For private and public sector businesses who are searching for a bespoke and flexible recruitment service, our temporary and interim recruitment service is the perfect solution.

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To some businesses, the security of having an agency on hand to deliver quality candidates at a moment's notice is a huge advantage. 

Business growth


When time is of the essence, we’ll pull out all the stops to find the right candidate. We’ll even ensure candidates are fully compliant before starting their new role. 



You can rely on us to source temporary and interim employees to help you scale when you need it most.

Sometimes a business will require a large number of employees to join them on a temporary or permanent basis.

Often this can happen when the business is experiencing a period of growth, has a new project or if they are opening a new branch in a different location.

Consolidating your recruitment needs through one dedicated agency is the most advisable solution; we’re effectively working as an extension of your existing hiring team.

Our Multi Hire Project solution offers an extremely viable solution, either on an exclusive or retained basis - simply tell us what works for you.



By tapping into our extensive pool of talent, including candidates not registered with other agencies, we can deliver the deliverables in a time frame which suits you.

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Save time

From searching through a mountain of irrelevant CVs to arranging countless interviews, we’ll take the hassle off your hands. All you’ll need to do is interview the most suitable candidates.

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To some businesses, the security of having an agency on hand to deliver a large number of quality candidates at a moment's notice is a huge advantage. 

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