What Is a Homelessness Officer?


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What Is a Homelessness Officer?

A Homelessness Officer (often referred to as a homeless support worker or a homeless support officer) provides help and support for those that are homeless, having housing problems or may be at risk of becoming homeless. 

Depending on the environment and the needs of the individual the scope of care can vary from finding vacancies in hostels and housing to carrying out assessments, the main goal is to prevent and relieve homelessness, providing invaluable support to those suffering from it.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Homelessness Officer?

While working as a Homelessness Officer, you will be required to: 

  • Investigate homelessness applications.
  • Carry out risk assessments.
  • Advise on current hostel vacancies and housing options available.
  • Work with other agencies as part of a wider support network.
  • Deliver high quality advice and care. 
  • Adhere to all legislation surrounding housing and homelessness.
  • Manage caseloads.
  • Attend training courses and meetings when requested.
  • Advise individuals on housing and welfare benefits available to them.
  • Provide emotional and practical support to those suffering from homelessness.
  • Identify opportunities to prevent homelessness. 
  • Build and maintain relationships with both clients and team members.
  • Writing up housing applications.
  • Maintain full and accurate records of clients, ensuring all aspects of data protection are met.
  • Assist vulnerable clients to appropriate agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

A direct qualification isn’t required to become a Homelessness Officer, often experience working with the issues surrounding homelessness and those suffering from it is more important.

Some employers will require a NVQ level 2 qualification or at least 5 GCSE’s grade C and above. Experience gained through voluntary work and working with vulnerable people will also strengthen your application. 

The salary of a Homelessness Officer in the UK is around £24,000 to £34,000 per year but this can vary depending on several factors such as the location, level of experience, and the specific employer.

The typical employers of a Homelessness Officer are usually housing associations, Local Authorities and charities. These can often overlap depending on what care best suits the needs of the individual.

What Skills Does a Homelessness Officer Need?

What skills does a Homelessness Officer need? 

  • Key skills of a Homelessness Officer include: 
  • Adaptable and flexible. 
  • Compassion and understanding.
  • Good knowledge of housing legislation.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Organised.
  • Positive and motivational.
  • Passionate about tackling homelessness and its surrounding issues.
  • IT skills.
  • Practical knowledge of helping vulnerable people. 
  • Motivated and have a proactive approach.
  • The ability to work as part of a team or alone.
  • Non judgemental approach.
  • Resourcefulness. 
  • Good time management skills.

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