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The heartbeat of SCG lies in our team and the culture we've cultivated. It’s what shapes every decision we make and plays a critical role in attracting talented and diverse individuals.

We work extremely hard to provide career opportunities like no other, a modern and progressive workplace with personalised plans to help each one of us grow and achieve great things together.

Throughout this page, you can delve into the personal stories of employees from across four different departments to discover how they describe SCG in their own words.  

The whole SCG team

Matt’s Story

Matt Byrne-Fraser

Matt said

“After graduating university in 2009 with a sports therapy degree, I worked in football for nearly 4 years before falling into the world of recruitment. 

Since 2011, I have worked in recruitment within a number of different businesses and within different sectors. That was until 2019 when I found myself seeking a new company; I explored many different companies but the moment I met Mike (our MD), I saw his passion and vision for the company. I knew I wanted to be a part of the company and hopefully become a key member within the growing team! 

With my most recent experience in recruitment at this time being within the permanent sector; an area which SCG didn’t really do, I was keen to build this division. Fast forward 4 years and we have established two perm divisions (accountancy & finance and legal) with a team of consultants working solely on perm. 

I have personally progressed throughout my career to become a Managing Consultant. With a very clear career path, I know what I need to do day to day to continue developing and progressing toward my goals. 

The culture which the founding members of SCG have created runs right through the company and it is truly a fantastic place to work, you only need to see the offices to know this!”

Matt Byrne-Fraser, Managing Consultant

Matt Byrne-Fraser with the SCG wheel
Matt Byrne-Fraser at Tough Mudder
Matt Byrne-Fraser at Tough Mudder
Matt Byrne-Fraser at the Red Rose Awards

Jenna’s Story

Jenna McFarlane

Jenna said

“After leaving sixth form, I decided that  the academic route was no longer for me and that I wanted to get stuck straight into work. I had started working from the age of 14 as a Kitchen Porter, Waitress and then Barmaid.

At 18, I began my career as a Wedding Coordinator and a few years later I moved into managing a wedding dress boutique. In 2018. I took a year out to travel and work in Australia which was an experience of a lifetime. 

Upon my return, I decided to start a fresh new career in recruitment because it had always been an interest of mine. I have always specialised within recruitment for the NHS which has been extremely rewarding.

I joined Spencer Clarke Group in January 2022 and it was the best move I could have made. I was made to feel so comfortable, given so much independence with my work and able to create an exciting future career path. 

Spencer Clarke Group is more than just a ‘job’, it’s a life changing career and a family feel, where we celebrate everyone’s success and accomplishments and help each other to grow."

Jenna McFarlane, Senior Consultant

Jenna McFarlane wearing Children in Need ears
Jenna McFarlane wearing Children in Need ears with colleagues
Jenna McFarlane with a cheeseboard
Jenna McFarlane sat at a desk

Taylor’s Story

Taylor Kirkham

Taylor said

“After completing my Bachelor's degree in Equine Science at Myerscough College/University, I found myself uncertain about the next step in my career. While studying, I worked at McDonald's and within a span of two years, I progressed to the position of manager.

During this time, I explored various career options and developed a keen interest in recruitment. In August 2021, I applied to join Spencer Clarke Group and was fortunate to become a part of their team in September. When I received the job offer, I eagerly accepted it because I knew deep down that this was the right place for me.

Since joining, I have steadily climbed the ladder from Compliance Coordinator to Recruitment Consultant, and I couldn't be more delighted with my journey.

Working at Spencer Clarke Group has been a fulfilling experience. It is a vibrant, enjoyable, and dynamic workplace. I am excited about the many years ahead of me at this company, and I look forward to the opportunities and growth it will bring."

Taylor Kirkham, Recruitment Consultant 

Taylor Kirkham
Taylor Kirkham with colleagues wearing Christmas jumpers
Taylor Kirkham with colleagues at Tough Mudder
Taylor Kirkham with the SCG wheel

Adam’s Story

Adam Pickering

Adam said

“I originally studied to be a PE teacher and attained a BA Hons Degree in Sports Science. After years of studying, I didn’t want to continue education and complete my PGCE because I wanted to get into work and earn money. 

I started to work in a residential children’s home for the UK’s biggest provider and I absolutely loved it. I thrived in seeing the progress and achievements which the young people made. I worked in Residential Childcare for 17 years working my way up to a Registered Childrens Home Manager with an Ofsted level of ‘outstanding.’

During my time there, I was aware of SCG, their growth, culture and ambition. It then occurred to me that I either make a career move now or I will be in Residential Childcare for the rest of my career. I made the leap and I haven’t looked back! I joined SCG in the Accountancy & Finance team and I have learnt new skills to become a well-rounded recruiter who is keen to learn and progress. 

SCG is like a family, everyone has a passion for what they do, takes pride in their work, and this comes from the Managing Director down. There honestly isn’t another company on earth like SCG!”

Adam Pickering, Recruitment Consultant

Employee, Adam Pickering, with a Deal or No Deal box
Employee, Adam Pickering, with a Deal or No Deal box
Employee, Adam Pickering, with colleague Lauren Bailey
Adam Pickering holding a Tough Mudder T-shirt

Rosie’s Story

Rosie Alty

Rosie said

“Since leaving sixth form at 18 with 3 A levels, I was unsure on where my career was heading. I worked at Starbucks for a year before coming across SCG through the Compliance Manager, Annabelle Harwood, and learning what the recruitment process was. 

I joined SCG in October 2022 on compliance and I quickly learned how driven and passionate everyone on the team was; this made me realise that I wanted to make my own impact on it! 

Since joining, I have already been promoted to Senior Compliance Coordinator! I love working at SCG because everyone is committed to working hard and smashing their targets - I love what I do!” 

Rosie Alty, Senior Compliance Officer 

Rosie Alty with the SCG wheel
Rosie Alty
Rosie Alty with a small black dog
Rosie Alty

Life at SCG.

The SCG team at Go-Karting

Life at Spencer Clarke Group has been described as fast paced, exciting and rewarding but don’t just take our word for it, this is how our employees describe us.

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Debbie’s Story.

Annabelle Harwood

Debbie said

“After leaving University with a 2:1 degree in Creative Advertising, I worked in a few marketing positions including recruitment marketing for national and international job boards.

While sitting having lunch with a friend, we came across the job advert for Marketing Manager by chance and we collectively agreed that I should apply for it!

During the interview, I was impressed with the Director's passion and vision for the future and I believed that it would be a great opportunity for me to progress my career. 

I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t wrong and within my first two years, we have added another 4 members to my team alone! 

The marketing team, and business in general, is growing at such a phenomenal speed - it’s very exciting and I look forward to going to work every day! Without sounding cheesy, it feels like anything is possible because the Director's believe in their employees. 

If you’re thinking about joining SCG, my advice would be to do it! Prepare for hard work and commitment and in return, you'll get the best job you ever dreamed of!” 

Debbie Holden, Marketing Manager 

Three Spencer Clarke Group employees
Employee, Debbie Holden, with 3 dogs
Employee, Debbie Holden, with a dog sat on her lap
Employee, Debbie Holden, with a collection of food for a food bank

Luke’s Story

Luke Meeks

Luke said

“While working in the hospitality industry for 10 years, I studied computer science before eventually getting into marketing. 

I went on to become a Marketing Manager in an accountancy firm, where I managed all social media channels, website SEO, website design, advertising and graphic design. It wasn’t long until I realised that graphic design was the route I would like to pursue, so I applied for a job at Spencer Clarke Group.

It was important to me that I had the flexibility to spend time with my family and I was really happy with SCG’s ethos on work/life balance.

Nearly two years later, I have worked on many exciting projects, whilst being funded for two courses in Editorial Design and Videography.

SCG has supported me continuously with growing my skills and in return, I produce eye-catching social media posts, brochures and much more to give the brand a standout identity.”

Luke Meeks, Graphic Designer 

Luke Meeks taking a photo
Luke Meeks at Tough Mudder
Luke Meeks at the Birmingham Design Conference
Luke Meeks holding a Deal or No Deal box

Georgia’s Story

Georgia Parkinson

Georgia said

"When I first left school, I never thought I’d end up working in accounts! I studied music in college and went on to tour the UK and Europe fronting a band that I was in at the time. After a few years I decided the music industry wasn’t for me and it was time to get a more stable job, as working in music could be very unpredictable. 

After a couple of weeks of job searching, I landed a position at a recruitment agency in Preston doing payroll. I’d never worked an office job before and had absolutely zero payroll experience so I had to pick this up quickly on the job. 

I spent 6 years in this role before deciding it was time for a change. I originally thought about becoming a Recruitment Consultant but an opportunity was presented to me to do payroll along with compliance at SCG and I couldn’t turn it down! For the first 3 years, my job was a 50-50 split but as the company began to grow, my workload within payroll and accounts became bigger.  

I now work full time within the accounts department and I am currently studying for my AAT qualification through the company. Hard work is always rewarded at SCG and I couldn’t be happier with my journey here so far. I’m looking forward to seeing how much further I can progress within my career here as it’s only just getting started!"

Georgia Parkinson, Accounts & Payroll Assistant

Georgia Parkinson with Lauren Bailey at Chester Races
Georgia Parkinson with a pug dog
A female Spencer Clarke Group employee posing with a Tough Mudder t-shirt
Georgia Parkinson holding an easter egg and a bottle of wine
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