Because Acting Responsibly Counts.

Building a Better World For Everyone.

We’re immensely proud to be part of a revolution of recruiters reinventing business, taking social responsibility and building a better world for everyone.

When it comes to people, planet and purpose, Spencer Clarke Group has a strong set of values, morals and principals which are upheld every day.

Powered by a duty to act responsibly, we are committed to maintaining a broader view of our responsibilities and we pledge to consistently find new ways to continue being a force for good.

A female Spencer Clarke Group employee wearing yellow teddy bear ears for Children In Need


Spencer Clarke Group's vision is to positively impact lives and one of the ways in which we do this is by supporting numerous local and national charities. 
We believe in reframing how businesses approach charity by enabling our employees to choose where all money accumulated or raised is donated. 
Along with a percentage of profit set aside for charitable causes, we support multiple fundraisers including bake sales (MacMillan Coffee Morning), sporting fundraisers (Tough Mudder) and providing an inhouse tuck shop with all the proceeds donated to charity.   
Collaboration with our employees is just one of the ways we empower them to drive meaningful change with a charity which is close to their heart. 

Headway logo


As nominated by Recruitment Consultant, Taylor Kirkham. 

Taylor said "Headway holds a big place in my heart. My auntie was involved in a life changing accident in February 2019 which we truly didn’t know what the outcome would be."

Operation Christmas Child logo

Operation Christmas Child

As nominated by Marketing Manager, Debbie Holden.

Debbie said "Every child should get a present at Christmas. SCG are always eager to support charities which are close to our heart!" 

Gain Charity logo

Gain Charity

As nominated by Lead Consultant, John Shorrock. 

John said “I nominated this charity because a few years back, I had viral food poisoning which caused me to get an extremely rare illness called Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Gain is the only charity that actively supports sufferers of GBS.”

Young Minds logo

Young Minds

As nominated by Senior Consultant, Sam Stanton. 

Sam said  "Young Minds support our future generations and their parents/carers to understand that they’re not alone and that things will get better.”

Children in Need logo

Children in Need

Each November, the SCG team take on the infamous Weakest Link to raise money for Children in Need! 

Fylde Foodbank logo

Fylde Foodbank

Each month, we volunteer and donate 52kg of food (which equates to 140 meals) to our local food bank, Fylde Foodbank. In 2023, we donated 700kg of food which equates to 2,000 meals.

Beacon Counselling Trust logo

Beacon Counselling Trust

As nominated by Managing Consultant, Matt Byrne-Fraser.

Matt said "The advice and support they gave me was second to none! I cannot stress what they have done for me! They still regularly check in with me to see how things are going and I know if I did need them they are there for me."

Medical Detection Dogs logo

Medical Detection Dogs

As nominated by Marketing Assistant, Ellie Cutts.

Ellie said "As an animal lover, I think the work they do is amazing and the fact a dog can be trained to detect diseases and potentially save the life of their owner is mind-blowing!”  



SCG Takes on The Traitors

Over two challenging weeks, many intense round tables, shock banishments, murders galore, shield games and a nerve wracking grand final, we were left with two contestants, Mike Shorrock and Kaylah Henderson - but was either of them a Traitor?  

By playing The Traitors, we raised £500 which was split between the winners chosen charities, Lymphoma Action and Dementia UK. 

“I’m proud to support Lancashire Mind through the Spencer Clarke Group team taking on Tough Mudder."

In 2022, the Spencer Clarke Group team took on Tough Mudder to fundraise for Lancashire MIND. We raised an incredible £2,984!

Luke Meeks

Luke's Story

“I’m proud to support Lancashire Mind through the Spencer Clarke Group team taking on Tough Mudder. 

Unfortunately, I've had three male suicides in the family and it was simply because these men didn't have the right services for them to use. Lancashire Mind offers free counselling and workshops to everyone who is struggling with their mental health.

It's important for everyone to talk and I believe there has been a real let down in the current services for men and it has had devastating consequences.

I’m pleased to say that we raised nearly £3K from Tough Mudder and I hope we can continue to raise money through Spencer Clarke Group for this extremely deserving cause.”

Two male Spencer Clarke Group employees celebrating after completing Tough Mudder
Spencer Clarke Group employees celebrating after completing Tough Mudder
A female Spencer Clarke Group employee posing with a Tough Mudder t-shirt
A male Spencer Clarke Group employee completing Tough Mudder obstacle

Community & Wellbeing.

Spencer Clarke Group believes that every business has an important role to play to improve the lives of local and national communities and we are committed to deliver the positive change we want to see. 
Strengthening the foundations of communities through a long term commitment to wellbeing will play a vital part in shaping future, resilient and aspirational, generations.
These are just some of the measures which Spencer Clarke Group implements to support communities. 

  • Deliver a Wellness Project initiative to support emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. The project aims to provide constructive advice and coping mechanisms to positively impact lives. 
  • Raise money for mental health charity, Lancashire Mind, to support and fund Lancashire Mind's vision of mental wellbeing for all. In 2022, Spencer Clarke Group raised nearly £3k for Mind by taking on Tough Mudder. 
  • Champion career aspirations through dedicated and insightful career guidance on our Career Hub. While the relationship can be difficult to establish, a good education and knowledge has been linked to better employment opportunities, higher income and improved health and wellbeing.  
  • Work in association with respected industry professionals (who share our passion for educating younger generations) to help and inspire young people with career choices and career progression. 
  • Volunteer time and give monthly donations to a local food bank to provide help and emergency support to those in crisis.  
  • Sponsor a local football and netball team to encourage sport which can positively impact physical and mental health. 


Spencer Clarke Group believes that every business can contribute towards the preservation of our planet and has a responsibility to tread lightly on it to minimise the impact for future generations. 
As a service based business, we naturally have a very low carbon footprint but faced with the urgent challenge of climate change, we are committed to take action with the aim of being carbon neutral. 
As an environmentally responsible workplace, we pledge to review our sustainability strategies annually but these are just some of the green initiatives which Spencer Clarke Group currently facilitates to put a greener foot forward.  

  • Support UK climate and forestation projects. We’re proud to plant 90 trees each month. 
  • In 2023, we funded 1,630 trees which avoided 132.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. 
  • Commitment to minimise waste and recycle as much as possible. Provide dedicated bins for cardboard, plastic, glass, plastic and batteries. 
  • Reduce energy use and improve energy efficiency through energy efficient lighting within the office.
  • Virtually paperless.
  • Champion video meetings to minimise travelling.
  • Encourage car sharing and use of public transport to reduce travelling. 
  • Use of sustainable suppliers wherever possible. 
  • Provide employees with personalised water bottles to reduce the number of single use plastic bottles used. 
  • Provide employees with the opportunity to volunteer hours in the community. 
  • Support environmentally friendly initiatives and charities.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.

Spencer Clarke Group is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion and eliminating unlawful discrimination.
We strongly believe that every job applicant should have equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation and any other factors which could be discriminated against. 
We oppose unlawful discrimination which relates to pay and benefits, terms and conditions of employment, dealing with grievances and discipline, dismissal, leave for parents, requests for flexible working and selection for employment or  promotion. 
Our aim is for workforces, whether that be our own or the clients we serve, to be fair and truly representative of all sections of society.  
We furthermore believe that as recruiters, it is our obligation to interrupt any bias which occurs during the recruitment process. By removing the inequalities which restrict equal opportunities, positive change can happen. 
These are just some of the measures which Spencer Clarke Group implements to facilitate an equal, diverse and inclusive workplace. 

  • Commitment to review Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy annually. 
  • The portrayal of under-represented groups within marketing materials should be balanced and not reinforce stereotypes. 
  • Commitment to review marketing materials and offer recommendations to improve the diversity of candidates without being ‘tokenistic.’
  • Dedication to exploring and examining SCG employees privilege, unconscious bias and assumptions. 
  • Provide education and internal training to share strategies on testing and eliminating unconscious bias. 
  • Use of intelligent data to drive decisions to minimise the impact of unconscious bias. 
  • Ensure job adverts use the correct language and avoid any stereotyping which may deter candidates from applying.
  • Use of structured interviews to enable a candidate's skills, qualifications and knowledge to be fairly measured against each other rather than from impressions. 
  • Market career opportunities at targeted networking events and advertise on niche/specialist job boards.
  • Conduct anonymous employee and agency staff (past and present) surveys to understand what specific issues of unconscious bias and unfairness might exist. 
  • Zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination. All complaints are taken seriously and such acts are dealt with as misconduct under the Spencer Clarke Group grievance and disciplinary procedures. (The Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination in the workplace. If harassment relates to a protected characteristic, this is a criminal offence and will be dealt with through official channels.) 

Our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy extends to all internal employees, contractors and agency staff.


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