Finance Recruitment.


Strengthen Your Finance Team Through Expert Recruitment

We understand that recruitment in the financial sector demands precision, expertise and a deep understanding of the industry. That's why we have built a team of seasoned finance recruitment consultants who possess an in-depth knowledge of the financial landscape. 

Before we get to work, we take the time to get to know you, your business and what you’re looking for. Once we are confident in the type of candidates which will flourish in your environment can we set about identifying and attracting them. 

With a vast existing network of finance professionals and an exceptional success rate in attracting passive candidates, we are confident in delivering a targeted, personalised and proactive service which delivers results.  

From Financial Controllers and Management Accountants to Finance Managers and Financial Accountants, we have the passion and knowledge to secure talented individuals who will fit seamlessly into your organisation. 

While we do work with private sector organisations throughout the UK, we have experienced exceptional success in Lancashire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire. By applying detailed local insights of the North West with in-depth knowledge of the sector, we can recruit talent of all seniorities on a permanent basis.   

For further information on the finance recruitment services available, or to request a tailored quote for your business, please contact us on 01772 954200.


What We Offer.

As experts within finance recruitment, we offer:

  • Comprehensive pool of qualified and talented individuals including top-level finance executives
  • Expansive pool of diasporic talent  
  • Targeted and proactive approach 
  • Extensive experience of finance recruitment in the North West
  • Expertise in current finance market trends 
  • Full consultative service including salary intelligence and benchmarking 
Spencer Clarke Group Finance Team

Delivering Talent With Experience In.

  • Financial analysis and transformation
  • Management reporting
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Business and data analytics
  • Financial reporting remediation
  • Cost accounting, gross margin and management accounting

Searching for diverse and qualified talent to join your team? Give us a call on 01772 954200 to discuss your talent acquisition needs and how we can help.

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