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London Borough of Hackney Council Case Study

​"Due to COVID-19 and an internal Cyber attack, we needed extra Brokerage staff to support an increase in workload and a more manual way of working.

It was a challenging period because there was an increased workload and an increased pressure to support adults who need adult social care coming out of hospitals.

Spencer Clarke Group provided well screened CVs of people who had the correct skills and availability.

The staff fit really well into the main team and have produced excellent work - we have extended all the candidates' contracts which demonstrates how happy we were with them.

I was impressed with our Consultant because he seemed to understand our requirements and managed to sift good high quality CVs which met the criteria we needed, i.e. people with brokerage experience.

Other agencies which we used didn’t sift and sent us inappropriate CVs which wasted ours and the candidates time.

Overall, I have been pleased with the service. My consultant was responsive and continues to be so. He got the pre-employment checks completed quickly and overall did a great job!"

Interim Better Care Fund, Procurement & Market Development Manager, London Borough of Hackney Council