Cardiff Council.

What Cardiff Council Said.

"I initially heard about Spencer Clarke Group through a colleague who advised me that my authority was partnered with this agency.

The local authority service was facing and continues to face large turnovers in staff and as a result, we required extensive assistance in securing suitable candidates for short term contracts.

This challenge was impacting our service delivery and capacity to meet caseloads. The high turnover has also impacted the management, training and administrative resources allocated to managing the recruitment process, diverting focus from other issues within the business.

Richard Shorrock at Spencer Clarke Group worked hard to get the relationship off the ground from the first contact we had. He understood the needs of the service and he was able to deliver a significant boost to our candidate pool in what was initially a short period of time.

Richard's also been able to adapt to changes in the process well and continued to deliver good quality candidates allowing for a smooth transition into the service via our training matrix.

I've been impressed with Richard's ability to adapt to changes in direction and have appreciated his willingness to handle more sensitive issues such as the termination of contracts and the return of equipment from more disagreeable candidates.

Richard has been professional and diligent at every interval and he has made my role easier and the roles of my colleagues in other parts of the service.

I'd note that the professionalism and attentiveness of Spencer Clarke Group’s staff has been what has stood out so far. I feel able to rely on our Account Manager Richard to deliver on requests and I feel he’s able to adapt quickly to change, which is an important part of this particular project which has so many moving parts.

Overall, Spencer Clarke Group’s help has had a positive and stabilising effect thus far. I look forward to maintaining and growing our relationship with our sights set on expanding our workforce as and when service needs require."

Business Support Officer, Cardiff Council

I feel he’s able to adapt quickly to change, which is an important part of this particular project which has so many moving parts.

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