How To Get Your First Accounting Job

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In this blog, you will learn: 

  • How to get your first accounting job
  • How to get an accounting job with no experience
  • What the latest accountant jobs available at Spencer Clarke Group are

How to get your first accounting job

Considering a career within accountancy and finance? Though accountancy is an industry that can prove to be a very stimulating and rewarding career path, there are certain steps you must take first to prove to a company that you are the best fit for them. 

With no experience, this can prove to be particularly tough. However, it is not impossible. In our latest guide, we delve into how to get your first accountancy job with no experience.

How to get an accounting job with no experience

Accountancy is a skilled career path, which means hiring managers will generally favour CVs that include ACCA or CGMA qualifications or prior experience to demonstrate that you are capable of what the role requires. 

Having an undergraduate degree can be an essential first step, but getting a job with just a degree or no prior accounting experience can prove to be difficult. 

With no experience, the three best alternative paths include:

  • Unpaid experience
  • Higher education
  • Internship

Unpaid experience

Unpaid experience at an accounting practice refers to an arrangement in which an individual works at an accounting firm without receiving monetary compensation for their services. Unpaid experience is typically considered an internship, externship, or volunteer position.

During this unpaid experience, the individual may be exposed to various aspects of accounting, including bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial analysis, and auditing. They may work alongside experienced professionals and gain valuable insights into the day-to-day operations of an accounting firm.

Completing unpaid experience can often prove to be a useful method of getting experience if you have none already. If you are considering going down this route, you should look to organise a few weeks' experience with a local accounting practice to ‘learn the ropes.’ 

If you have no luck with accounting practices, try organising experience within a company’s finance function to gain some valuable experience.

Often it’s not what you know but who you know so ask around with family and friends if you’re struggling to secure unpaid experience. 

Higher education

If you have no prior accounting experience, higher education is one method of strengthening your CV to make you more employable. 

Proving you have further knowledge of the accounting process in an academic sense can be a valuable asset to your CV. It can also put you one step ahead of other candidates. 

A degree in accounting provides individuals with a strong foundation in accounting principles, financial reporting, taxation, and auditing. This knowledge is essential for individuals who want to become Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) or pursue other professional certifications.

There are many jobs that require an accounting degree. Having a degree can increase job opportunities and may qualify individuals for jobs with more desirable salaries and benefits. 

Higher education allows individuals to specialise in specific areas of accounting, such as taxation, audit, or financial analysis. This can lead to more focused career paths and greater expertise in a particular area.

Higher education provides individuals with a level of credibility and professionalism that can be attractive to employers and clients. A degree from an accredited institution demonstrates that the individual has met certain standards and has the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in the accounting profession.


An internship is another ideal method to consider if you are pondering how to get your first accounting job. With an internship, you will garner first-hand experience within accounting and most likely gain professional training and accreditation on the job. Internships are therefore an excellent introduction to the daily responsibilities of an Accountant.

As an introduction to accounting, internships will often be in starter positions such as an Accountant’s Assistant or as a Secretary. They are a great stepping stone to get a foot in the door in the industry.

An internship can potentially lead to a full time position in the same firm or employment from another firm looking for someone with a good amount of experience and knowledge.

Latest accountant jobs at Spencer Clarke Group

If you’re searching for your next accountant job, why not take a look at all the vacancies currently available at Spencer Clarke Group? 

We work with some of the most prestigious accountancy practices across the UK, offering positions with desirable work-life balances and market leading salaries & benefits. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Why not upload your CV or contact our accountancy specialist, Matt Byrne-Fraser, to discover more about upcoming opportunities. 

Meet Matt Byrne-Fraser

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