What Jobs Can I Get With an Accounting Degree?

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In this blog, you will learn: 

  • What jobs can you can get with an accounting degree
  • What the latest accountant jobs available at Spencer Clarke Group are

What jobs can I get with an accounting degree?

Now that you’ve finished your accounting degree, you are now ready to take on the world of work and launch yourself into a new career. With an accounting degree, you will have the option of more career options than you may realise. 

In our latest blog, we delve into all the accountancy jobs available to you with an accounting degree. 

What jobs can you get with an accounting degree?

With so many jobs taking place within the accountancy and finance sector, you are not limited in choice after earning your degree. You will be able to find many different jobs that you may not have considered that you may find especially suit you including:

External Auditor

After completing a degree in accountancy, you will be able to easily find your footing in the role of an external Auditor. In the role of an external Auditor, you will inspect the financial records of a company in addition to other data and report your findings. Additionally, the role involves giving advice to businesses, investors and market regulators and suggesting potential improvements.

As an advisor, being an external Auditor involves the identification and management of potential risks and giving suggestions as to how to mitigate these across a range of different areas of a business. In addition to your degree, you will thrive within this role if you have a solid understanding of auditing principles, strong communication skills and fine attention to detail across your work.


Though vaguely similar to the role of an Accountant, an accounting degree will be of great use when applying for the role of a Bookkeeper. Bookkeeping involves the maintenance of a company’s transactions and ensuring that all the money that comes and goes from a business is tracked accurately. A key aspect of this job is translating this data in an easy-to-understand way for a business.

A Bookkeeper is responsible for keeping a record of a business’ expenses and sales in the form of a general ledger. The process of keeping a ledger up to date is known as posting, where a ledger is posted more the more sales that take place. As bookkeeping involves managing finer details, someone in this position must have excellent attention to detail and can spot minor mistakes easily.


Though you may not necessarily have considered taking the profession of a Stockbroker when starting your accountancy degree, there is a similar overlap and knowledge and skills within accountancy and stockbroking. 

As a result of your degree, you will have in-depth knowledge of accounting principles, basic business operations and tax matters that are all relevant to stockbroking.

A Stockbroker’s work heavily consists of analysing trends and mapping out plans. Within this, they must be capable of easily calculating and quantifying previous trends without error. 

Some stockbroking firms may have their own accountants that they consult for information and advice, though this is not always the case. As a result, being a Stockbroker with a previous history of accountancy can prove to be particularly beneficial. 

Stockbrokers with accountancy experience will be adept at organising financial plans, analysing economic trends and the range of other responsibilities that come with being a stockbroker.

What other jobs can you get with an accounting degree?

There are many other jobs which you could use with an accountancy degree, including:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA
  • Financial Analyst
  • Tax Accountant
  • Budget Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Cost Accountant

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

A CPA is an accounting professional who has passed a rigorous examination and is licensed to provide accounting services to the public. CPAs can work in public accounting firms, government agencies, or corporations.

Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts analyse financial data and provide insights to help companies make better financial decisions. They often work in investment banks, corporate finance departments, or asset management firms.

Tax Accountant

Tax Accountants help individuals and businesses prepare tax returns and ensure compliance with tax laws. They may also provide tax planning advice to clients.

Forensic Accountant

Forensic Accountants investigate financial crimes such as fraud, embezzlement and money laundering. They use accounting principles and investigative techniques to uncover financial evidence and provide expert testimony in legal proceedings.

Budget Analyst

Budget Analysts help organisations develop and manage budgets. They may analyse financial data, review proposals, and make recommendations to ensure that resources are used efficiently.

Financial Manager

Financial Managers are responsible for overseeing the financial operations of an organisation. They may manage accounting, budgeting, and investment activities, as well as prepare financial reports for stakeholders.

Cost Accountant

Cost Accountants analyse the costs of producing goods or services and help companies make pricing decisions. They may also develop cost control measures and monitor inventory levels.

Latest accounting jobs at Spencer Clarke Group

If you’re searching for your next accountant job, why not take a look at all the vacancies currently available at Spencer Clarke Group? 

We work with some of the most prestigious accountancy practices across the UK, offering positions with desirable work-life balances and market leading salaries & benefits. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Why not upload your CV or contact our accountancy specialist, Matt Byrne-Fraser, to discover more about upcoming opportunities. 

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