Spencer Clarke Group Opens New Office Space

1 - 2 minutes

Spencer Clarke Group is thrilled to announce that they have opened a brand new office space to accommodate an increased headcount, fuelled by incredible growth within the business.

The strategic expansion represents a significant milestone for Spencer Clarke Groups growth trajectory and reinforces its commitment to providing exemplary working conditions and facilities to its staff, in the North West area. 

The new office space is situated within a wider building which already accommodates Spencer Clarke Groups existing office space. The existing office space, which itself was fully refurbished only 18 months ago, was fast approaching its 36 seat capacity, fuelling the need to launch an additional space to seat an additional 18. 

The decision to open a new office space stems from Spencer Clarke Groups continued success and expansion in various markets including the education and construction sectors. The larger office space not only accommodates the growing team but also provides ample room for future scalability, enabling the company to meet the needs of its ever increasing number of local authority and private sector clients. 

The thoughtfully designed and vibrant space includes a modern kitchen with full facilities, an interactive Clevertouch screen, custom designed wallpaper (by our inhouse Graphic Designer, Luke Meeks) and custom neon lettering to add a pop of colour to the space.    

“We believe that this investment reinforces the commitment we have to our people and their careers here with us,” said Managing Director, Mike Shorrock

Shorrock added, “Our teams, and the foundations which Spencer Clarke Group are built upon, are innovation, creativity and ambition. The new office is a perfect reflection of Spencer Clarke Group's people, brand identity, culture and values.”

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