Don’t Be a Scrooge: Recruitment Lessons We Can Learn From Christmas Characters

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It’s time to step into Christmas and watch Christmas films over and over again! There’s nothing better on a cold, dark winter night than snuggling with a hot chocolate, in your woolly pyjamas and watching a Christmas movie.

However, have you ever considered that a lot can be learned from the characters in these beloved Christmas classics about life, family and even recruitment? 

Recruiters face many challenges in their day-to-day role; finding great candidates for their clients, engaging qualified candidates, providing an exceptional candidate experience and understanding the needs of their clients are just some of the daily tasks a recruiter faces. The question is, could Christmas film characters provide solid advice and inspiration on how to tackle these daily challenges? Let’s find out! 

Santa Claus - Know what your candidates want

The jolly man in the big red suit, with the white beard and heart of gold, Santa Claus is an icon of Christmas and the perfect example for how to get to know people.

Like the big man himself, recruiters have to know what candidates want and how best to meet their needs. Children from all over the world expect Santa to know exactly what they want for Christmas and he delivers every year.

What recruiters can learn from Santa Claus

Get to know your candidates by showing interest and enthusiasm for their needs and aspirations for the future. Recruiters should take the time to build positive relationships with candidates and clients alike to discover what it is they really want and how you can help them.

By prioritising a candidate's goals and values, you’ll deliver an amazing and memorable candidate experience. You might not have a naughty or nice list to work with, but recruitment is a people business and it’s important to dig deep with your research.

Buddy the Elf - Understand the individual

In the hilarious Christmas movie Elf, Buddy knows who he is; even if he isn’t an elf, or a mailman, it isn’t important. What counts is that he keeps the Christmas spirit alive all year round.

However, Buddy struggled to find where he belonged. In the North Pole, Buddy didn’t fit in with the elves or match their culture. In the real world in New York City, Buddy drinks too much syrup and sticks out like a sore thumb in his elf outfit. 

At Gimbels store, Buddy wanted the Christmas spirit to be authentic and real and even challenged the store's Santa. When he was sent to work at his fathers publishing house, it’s apparent he doesn’t fit in; he is too loud, and doesn't like coffee. After working several jobs, Buddy finally finds ‘his place’ where he belongs without having to change.

What recruiters can learn from Buddy the Elf

The moral of the story is that even though Buddy doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere, he turned out to be a huge asset to his dad’s company and taught everyone about acceptance, positivity and authenticity. The lesson here is to embrace those who are different and support them.

The same values can be applied to recruitment. Candidates want to share the same values as their work organisation and feel a sense of belonging, collaboration and purpose. The right cultural fit is key in the recruitment process for both employers and employees. Employees are happier and work more productively in the right environment and employers can retain staff who are fulfilled much more easily. 

A good recruiter will recognise, value and understand each candidate that they work with and match them to a company where they can thrive.  

George Bailey - Consider mental health and wellbeing

In the 1946 classic It’s A Wonderful Life, George Bailey finds himself on a ledge, doubting his importance in the world. Throughout the film and with a little help from an angel, George experiences what life would have been like if he had never been born and learns about the lives he touched and all of his achievements.

It’s A Wonderful Life teaches us about the important things in life and it’s an early indicator of a man struggling with his mental health and sense of self worth.

What recruiters can learn from George Bailey

In It’s a Wonderful Life, George Bailey always compared his shortcomings to other’s successes and in the world of recruitment, it’s normal for candidates to compare themselves to others, feel restless, inpatient or disheartened. 

However, a good recruiter will remind candidates of their worth and how valuable they are, regardless of what happens throughout the process. Recruitment is a people business which is why it's so important to be empathetic and communicate well. 

Great recruiters will be considerate of their candidates personal experiences and circumstances, and find them roles that best match what suits them. It really is a wonderful life when you’re a recruiter!

Kevin McCallister - Always be prepared

In the 90s classic, Home Alone, eight year old Kevin McCallister finds himself home alone at Christmas when his family go on holiday and accidentally leave him behind. Kevin has to be prepared for anything and that includes a scary neighbour, an evil furnace in the basement and a couple of sticky bandits.

Unbeknown to Harry and Marv, even burglars are no match for Kevin’s antics and booby traps. Kevin's initiative and determination allows him to create wild contraptions and pull some clever tricks to stop the burglars and protect his home.

By being prepared and ready for anything, Kevin covers all grounds and is able to make sure that he is in the best possible place despite the situation. 

What recruiters can learn from Kevin McCallister

Just like Kevin, recruiters constantly have to think on their feet, overcome challenges and be prepared for any scenario.

In a competitive job market and world of recruitment, recruiters need to be one step ahead of the game in order to be successful. The recruiting process can be unpredictable, with unexpected challenges such as candidate dropouts, difficult hiring managers, or changing job requirements. Prepared recruiters can adapt and find solutions to these challenges more effectively.

Bob Cratchit - Be compassionate

A Christmas Carol is full of life lessons and learning opportunities. It teaches us the importance of generosity and uniting people regardless of wealth or social status. We are all familiar with the selfish and greedy Ebenezer Scrooge, but we can learn a lot of valuable lessons from his overworked and overlooked clerk Bob Cratchit.

The complete opposite of Scrooge in every way, Bob believes family is more important than money, and that Christmas is a time for loved ones to be together and be thankful for what they have. His son’s health is failing and despite being poorly treated and underpaid by Scrooge, Bob is still compassionate and warm towards him. He is positive, generous and sees the good in people, even Scrooge.

What recruiters can learn from Bob Cratchit

Recruiters should take a leaf out of A Christmas Carol and adopt the characteristics of Bob Cratchit. When it comes to the recruitment process, the candidate experience needs to be a top priority.

Recruitment can cause anxiety and stress for candidates, especially if they are not responded to or feel anxious about interviews. A great recruiter will be considerate and compassionate towards the needs of their candidates, respond to them in a timely manner and support them through any difficulties which they are facing.

Jack Skellington - Try new things

Even top performers can get tired of what they do. If they feel like they’re going through the motions, they might start looking for a change of pace. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington finds that he is bored of the same routine and that his job as the Pumpkin King of Halloween isn’t fulfilling for him. He wants to try something new and finds himself intrigued by Christmas Town and its leader Sandy Claws, swapping his pumpkin crown for Santa’s red hat.

What recruiters can learn from Jack Skellington

The biggest thing recruiters can learn from Jack Skellington is to not be afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things! For recruiters, it can be extremely beneficial to utilise new recruitment technologies, network, take training courses and learn new skills to enhance their skills as a recruiter. 

The world of recruitment is extremely fast paced and the best recruiters will step outside of their comfort zone to grow and develop. 

For Jack, a change in seasonal celebrations makes him realise that he is better suited as the Pumpkin King and returns to Halloween Town. However, if Jack had never tried, he would never have known which is the most important lesson to take from this story. 

Cindy Lou Who - Make a positive impact

How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a must watch film and is filled with many valuable lessons!

The grumpy Grinch is the protagonist of Whoville, and is determined to destroy the high spirits and ruin Christmas. The little girl Cindy Lou Who believes that everyone should be included at Christmas and embraces the Grinch despite his reluctance. She ultimately teaches everyone a few lessons, saving the Grinch and Christmas along the way.

What recruiters can learn from Cindy Lou

Cindy Lou is curious to know more about the Grinch’s hatred towards Christmas and the true meaning behind the festive period. Recruitment is all about challenging yourself and bringing people together. Cindy Lou reunites the citizens of Whoville with the Grinch the same way candidates and clients flock to recruiters.

In today’s current job market, being able to work with and connect candidates and clients is crucial. People value their careers and recruiters spend a lot of time and effort ensuring job satisfaction and creating a positive impact.

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