7 Ways To Improve Employee Satisfaction

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In this blog, you will learn:

  • What employee satisfaction is.
  • Why employee satisfaction is important.
  • Ways to improve employee satisfaction.
  • Discover more about our recruitment services

Looking for ways to improve employee satisfaction within your workplace? According to the CIPD Good Work Index 2023, 27% of participants said the reason they might leave their current role is to find better job satisfaction.  

When employees are satisfied at work they’re more likely to attend regularly, be more productive and produce higher quality work. But what exactly does it take for employees to be satisfied at work?

Throughout this blog, we uncover why employee satisfaction is important and how employers can improve employee satisfaction within their workplace. 

What is employee satisfaction?

Employee satisfaction is a term used to describe how satisfied employees are in their job role and company. A high level of work satisfaction means that employees are happy with the way things are at work, however low satisfaction shows that employees aren't content within their position. 

There are many factors that can drive employee satisfaction such as opportunities for career development, a better income, company benefits and employment stability. 

Why is employee satisfaction important?

Having satisfied and happy employees can strengthen your business by increasing productivity, minimising employee turnover and maximising customer satisfaction. This is because when employees are content in their role, they’re more likely to go the extra mile and produce better quality work. 

Satisfied employees generally remain loyal to their employer, which can reduce costly turnovers for the business. Employee satisfaction is also linked to mental wellbeing, when employees feel more content they experience less stress, which can reduce absenteeism

Ways to improve employee satisfaction

Nobody wants to suffer from the Sunday night blues, so it's important to make your business a place where employees can thrive and enjoy coming into work.

Keeping employees satisfied has become more complex as they are no longer only motivated by a good salary. Employees want a workplace that truly values them and accommodates their needs. 

Here are some ways you can improve employee satisfaction within your company:

  • Create opportunities for professional development.
  • Recognise employees for their work.
  • Allow flexible working.
  • Conduct regular check-ins.
  • Enhance employee involvement.
  • Offer competitive salary and benefits.
  • Promote a positive work environment.

Create opportunities for professional development

Opportunities for professional development can increase employee satisfaction by showing them that the company values their growth and the future of their career. When employees are given the opportunity to learn new skills and see a path for career advancement, they may feel more motivated and appreciated. 

This feeling of being invested in, can make employees more engaged and committed to their role, which creates a happier and more productive workplace. 

Recognise employees for their work

Recognising employees for their work improves employee satisfaction by making them feel valued and appreciated for their efforts. When employees receive acknowledgement for their work, it can boost their motivation and morale, showing them that their efforts at work matter. 

When employees know their work is noticed and valued, they are happier and more committed to their jobs. According to EFX, employees are 2.7 times more likely to be highly engaged if they believe they will be recognised for their contribution.

Allow flexible working

Flexible working can boost employee satisfaction by allowing employees to balance their personal and professional lives more effectively. Employees can tailor their work schedules to fit their personal needs such as family commitments and last minute emergencies. Flexible working also reduces commute time and costs, which can improve employee satisfaction as people don’t have to deal with the stress caused by traffic or the financial implications of public transport.

A flexible workplace not only attracts new talent, but also helps retain existing employees. According to New Possible, 50% of employees who don't currently have flexible working options say they’re likely to change jobs within the next year. 

Conduct regular check-ins

Regular check-ins can improve employee satisfaction by creating open communication and support between managers and employees. By encouraging open communication, check-ins allow employees to share ideas that could be used to improve the business, showcase their achievements and address any concerns, such as worries about their workload or relationships in the workplace. 

They also give managers the chance to set expectations and offer guidance to help employees stay aligned with company goals. Regular check-ins create opportunities for professional development, discussions and building stronger relationships, all of which contribute to increased job satisfaction and happiness at work.

Enhance employee involvement

Employee involvement can play a big role in increasing employee satisfaction. When team members are included in decision making processes, they may feel like their contributions are being taken seriously and that they are part of business improvements. 

This involvement creates a sense of responsibility, which can lead to higher levels of engagement and satisfaction at work. When employees feel that their suggestions are valued and acted upon, it can increase their overall job satisfaction as they can see the positive influence that their ideas are having on the business. 

Offer competitive salary and benefits

Offering fair and competitive salaries is an important aspect of employee satisfaction. When employees feel they are paid fairly for their work, they’re more likely to be engaged, motivated and loyal to their employers. 

In addition to salaries, providing a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans, and wellness programs, offers employees security and a peace of mind that they might not find elsewhere. 

Create a positive work environment

The environment an employee is part of can influence their mindset. If employees are working in a positive environment, they may feel more motivated to consistently produce high quality work. 

Employers can create a positive work environment by helping employees feel safe, adopting a good company culture, encouraging career development and creating a workplace that employees enjoy coming to every day.

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