6 Interview Tips for Accountant Jobs

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Being invited to an Accountant job interview can stir up a range of emotions. You’re bound to be excited about the prospect of a new job, but you may also be nervous about facing a hiring manager. It’s very normal to have anxiety about an upcoming interview but channelling these nerves into positive energy will help you perform better. 

In our latest guide, we delve into 6 of the best interview tips to help Accountants ace the interview and impress the hiring manager. 

Get your dream job

As important as your CV is, the interview stage will give a hiring manager a real insight into who you are and what you have to offer their firm. During the interview, six important things to remember are: 

  • Ask questions
  • Don’t burn bridges
  • Keep your head up
  • Badmouthing is bad form
  • The importance of listening
  • Polite follow-ups are fine

Ask questions

At the end of every interview, you’re usually asked if you have any questions about the role or company. Thinking of questions ahead of time will save your mind from going blank when the interviewer asks. Not asking any questions could be interpreted as a lack of interest in the position, so make sure you’re prepared with a few questions.

Smart questions to ask are:

  • What’s your favourite part about working here?
  • Who will I report to?
  • How would you describe the work environment here?
  • Are there opportunities to progress?
  • What are the most immediate projects that I will be working on? 
  • Where would the company like to be in five years?
  • When can I expect to hear back?

Don’t burn bridges

If you have an unsuccessful interview, don’t ruin your chances of being able to apply for a different role at the same company in the future. Always thank the interviewer for their time and the opportunity. Leaving on a positive note can help them remember you for future positions.

It is important to not burn bridges at an interview because the accounting industry is a relatively small community, and it is not uncommon for professionals to cross paths multiple times throughout their careers. If you burn bridges at an interview, you risk creating a negative reputation for yourself that could follow you for years to come.

Keep your head up

If you aren’t offered the role you’ve gone for, remember that all interview experiences are good experiences. Practice makes perfect and just because you weren’t right for this role, it doesn’t mean your dream job isn’t just around the corner. The fact that you had an interview suggests that the company thought highly enough of you to potentially hire you. Keep that in mind moving forward.

Badmouthing is bad form

You should not badmouth a previous employer in an interview or in any professional setting for several reasons.

  • It shows a lack of professionalism: Badmouthing a previous employer can make you appear unprofessional and immature. It suggests that you are unable to handle workplace conflicts or challenges in a constructive manner.

  • It raises red flags for potential employers: If you badmouth a previous employer, it can raise red flags for potential employers, who may question whether you would speak negatively about their company in the future. This can make them hesitant to hire you, even if you have the skills and experience they are looking for.

  • It can damage your reputation: Speaking negatively about a previous employer can damage your reputation and make it more difficult to find future job opportunities. Employers want to hire professionals who can maintain a positive attitude and work effectively with others.

  • It is unproductive: Badmouthing a previous employer is unproductive and does not help you achieve your career goals. Instead, it is more effective to focus on the positive experiences and skills you gained while working for that employer, and to talk about how you have grown and learned from those experiences.

The importance of listening

It’s important that you listen to interview questions carefully for many reasons, including:  

  • To show that you are interested: By listening carefully to the interviewer's questions and comments, you demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in the job and the company. This can make a positive impression and help to build rapport with the interviewer.

  • To gather information: Listening carefully to the interviewer's questions and comments can help you gather important information about the job and the company. This information can help you prepare more effectively for future interviews or for the job itself, if you are offered the position.

  • To tailor your responses: By listening carefully to the interviewer's questions and comments, you can tailor your responses to address their specific concerns and needs. This can help you to make a stronger case for why you are the best candidate for the job.

  • To demonstrate your communication skills: Good listening skills are a key component of effective communication. By listening carefully to the interviewer's questions and comments, you demonstrate that you are a good listener and that you are able to communicate effectively.

  • To avoid misunderstandings: Misunderstandings can arise when you are not listening carefully to the interviewer's questions and comments. By listening carefully and asking for clarification if needed, you can avoid misunderstandings and ensure that you are addressing the interviewer's concerns in a clear and accurate manner. Good listening and accuracy are key skills for many employers and are especially important in a role where you might be dealing with personal finances and large sums of money. 

Polite follow-ups are fine

If you’ve waited a while to hear back from an employer following an interview, there’s nothing wrong with sending a polite follow-up email to check on the status of your application.

Remember, it’s likely hiring managers at accountancy firms are going to be very busy, so you don’t want to annoy them by checking in too soon. At the end of your interview, if the hiring manager doesn’t advise you on the next steps, it might be a good idea to ask to set your expectations accordingly.

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