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Meet The Team - Helen Welburn

We recently caught up with Recruitment Support Officer, Helen Welburn, to find out why she loves working at Spencer Clarke Group and which songs she knows off by heart!

How long have you worked at Spencer Clarke Group?

I started at Spencer Clarke Group in March 2022. I haven’t been here very long but so far, I am really loving being a part of the team and I have been made to feel really welcome by everyone in the office.


What do you love most about what you do?

The thing I love the most is the diversity of the role and the positive working environment we have here. At Spencer Clarke Group, there is a great balance of work and banter which definitely helps with keeping the team feeling uplifted and well connected.


What motivates you at work?

Job satisfaction is my biggest motivator, I like to know that I am doing well in my role. The fact that there is such a good bonus structure in place really motivates me to hit my targets and it also encourages me to cope under pressure too.


How would you describe working at Spencer Clarke Group?

The first word that comes to mind is fun! Everyone works so hard, and the team spirit here is second to none. Everyone pulls together to ensure that all team members feel supported and included. It’s a really positive place to work!


Tell us about your career path so far 

Since leaving school, I have been in constant education until the age of 27 which was now 2 years ago. I have various qualifications including 2 degrees, with one being in Public Services and the most recent in Counselling and Psychotherapy. During my latest degree I was able to enhance my people and communications skills, which I now use in all areas of my life, including my new role at Spencer Clarke Group.


How would your colleagues describe you?

I’d say my colleagues would describe me as passionate, and they might also say that I am a bit of a perfectionist!


Where are we most likely to find you outside of work? 

Outside of work, you would find me walking the Wainwrights in the Lake District or out having fun with my friends! Either way, I’ll always find somewhere for some nice food and a drink!


Tell us something we’d never guess about you!

I am obsessed with war films; my favourite is probably Hacksaw Ridge.


What’s next for you at Spencer Clarke Group?

I am going to focus on becoming confident and familiar with everything that my job on Compliance entails. I’d love to be able to support as many candidates and consultants as possible in order to feel like I am fulfilling my role here at Spencer Clarke Group.


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10 Quick Fire Questions!

What’s your favourite film?

Cool Runnings – It’s a classic!


Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to?

Dubai – I have only been once, but I would love to go back some day.


What advice would you give to your young self?

To have fun and let go of negativity and things I cannot control or change.


Have you ever met anyone famous?

I haven’t met anyone really famous, but I do know a lot of Z-listers!


What three items would you take with you to a deserted island?

It would have to be my phone, charger and of course my bed.


Do you have any pets?

The best puppy – a Samoyed called Pablo!


Do you have any hidden talents?

I know all the words to ‘American Boy’ and ‘Gold-Digger’ – that’s impressive isn’t it!


What’s the best gig you’ve been to?

Artic Monkeys at Leeds Fest, they are great live!

What animal is your spirit animal?

A lioness as I am strong, determined, protective and food orientated!


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Recently it’s been watching cheesy reality TV shows whilst snacking on a big bag of crisps!