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No Jab, No Job? 6 Tips if You’ve Recently Lost Your Job

​This time two years ago, if anyone would have said that you could potentially lose your job for not having a vaccination, you probably wouldn’t have believed them.

Covid-19 has had an effect on the way we work in many ways, and for some people, not wanting to receive the full vaccination has resulted in a termination of employment.

From November 11th 2021, it became compulsory for care home staff in England to be fully vaccinated against the virus in order to keep their job.

Because of this, it has been estimated by the government that the care home sector may lose 7% of staff, equating to 38,000 workers.

Here at Spencer Clarke Group, we have compiled a list of our 6 best tips if you have found yourself in this position.

Acknowledge what has happened

If deciding against the Covid-19 vaccine has resulted in you losing your job, you may still feel a little shocked at the repercussions of this.

There is nothing wrong with feeling daunted by what now lies ahead and upset at the thought of having to leave a career that you have invested many years of time and energy into.

It is important however not to dwell on a decision that you have had no control over. Speaking to family members and friends may help to relieve some of the emotional upset that you feel and help you to acknowledge what has happened.

Take back control

Whilst losing your job may not have been something you were able to foresee, remember you are still in control of what happens next.

Focus on the elements of the situation that you can control such as the process of looking for a new job.

Remember that just because you have found yourself unemployed, there are still lots of positive things to concentrate on.

Self-care is also key, try not to let your change in circumstances take a toll on your life in general. Remember to eat well, drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep – this way you are also helping yourself to be in a strong mindset for job hunting.

Start looking for a new job as soon as you can

If you have found yourself in the position of looking for a new job through no choice of your own, it may feel disheartening and as though you are having to start from scratch.

If this is the case, it is important to begin your search for a new job as soon as you can. Not only may this mean there are more opportunities available, but you may also feel more motivated to continue with the process.

Looking ahead to the future and therefore not getting too caught up in your present situation is important.

Try to take a ‘glass half full’ attitude to your circumstances and see this as an exciting opportunity to try something new!

Looking for work through a recruitment agency can be one of the easiest and quickest ways to find new employment and here at Spencer Clarke Group we are here to help with every step of the process. Check out how using a recruitment agency can benefit you here.

Make sure your CV is up to date

To give yourself the best possible chance of being noticed by employers it is important to ensure that your CV is kept up to date and tailored to the specific role you are applying for.

Think creatively, an A4 page of writing may work for some employers but making your CV stand out from the crowd will be key to securing a new job.

Use your time out of employment effectively and productively so you are ready to send your CV for any opportunities that catch your eye.

Network and get your name out there

If you have previously been in long-term employment, you may not have felt the need to establish yourself on a platform such as LinkedIn, however this can be a great tool for networking with employers and finding job opportunities perfect for you.

Setting up a profile to represent yourself, your skills and your previous experience is easy and a great way to showcase what you have to offer to an employer.

Prepare for what comes next

Whilst you may not want to think too far ahead before even securing a new job, there is no harm in preparing for what will inevitably come next.

If you haven’t been for a job interview in a while, it is a good idea to brush up on some interview skills; this could be as simple as a 30-minute role-play exercise with a friend or family member where they ask you some of the generic questions you can expect from a job interview.

Researching the company you are applying at will also be a good use of your time, having background knowledge on the business will impress employers if you are invited to an interview.

You can never be too prepared so why not use the time you have out of employment to prepare yourself as much as possible!

We hope this helps!

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