​Hi I’m Adam,

I have worked in the healthcare sector since 2014 and I am currently the Managing Consultant for the health & social care department at Spencer Clarke Group.

I’m passionate about making a difference and one of my career highlights was being named an NHS hero by an NHS Trust during the first six months of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was an extraordinary time and I was grateful to provide support during some pretty challenging circumstances.

One of the most rewarding parts about the job is helping different NHS Trusts with their staffing needs. Some of the Trusts I have worked with have been severely understaffed and the impact of that can be seismic.

As well as actively recruiting myself, I’m also responsible for the ongoing training and development of my team. I pride myself on sharing my knowledge and experience to my team and I take it as a personal win then my team achieve their personal and professional goals.

Outside of work, I play football for my local team which is actually sponsored by Spencer Clarke Group. I also like to get away on as many city breaks and holidays as I can to explore new cultures.

If you’re recruiting, I’d be happy to have an exploratory conversation to demonstrate our capability to supply in this area.

We're on the CCS & NHS PIP Workforce Alliance temporary staffing frameworks for RM6160 Non Medical/Non Clinical and RM6161 Clinical and we could engage with you in these frameworks if you would prefer. We’re also registered suppliers on the NHS Property Services PSL.

You can check out our brochure here.

If you’d like to have an introductory conversation to discover more about Spencer Clarke Group and what we can offer, you can book a meeting in my calendar here.

If you’re interested in finding out about the latest health and social care career opportunities, either visit here or pop your CV over to my inbox!