What Is the Average Salary for Teachers in the North West?

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In this blog, you will learn:

  • The average salary for Teachers in the North West.
  • How Teachers can benefit more from supply teaching.
  • Where the latest Teacher jobs are and how to apply for them.

Teachers are often referred to as the unsung heroes of society, working tirelessly to educate and inspire future generations. Teaching is a tough responsibility and an essential job that can be extremely rewarding. But how does the salary compare from region to region?

Does being a Teacher pay well enough when you're responsible for the lives and education of children 5 days a week? 

In 2023, the Department for Education announced that all Teachers will receive a 6.5% pay rise from September, improving the finances for Teachers.

Throughout this blog, we explore the average salary for Teachers in the North West compared to other regions, examining factors such as earning potential, best paying areas, and competition within the field. 

Average salary for Teachers in the North West

The average Primary School Teacher salary in the North West is £30,974.97 with an hourly average pay of £14.89. The starting salary for a junior Primary School Teacher in the North West is £22,818.00 per year or £10.97 per hour.

As a newly qualified Teacher (NQT), the salary starts on the lower end of the main pay scale for classroom Teachers, with opportunities for regular pay rises as individuals develop their skills. 

The average salary for a fully Qualified Teacher varies depending on probation and starting point, and ranges from £30,000 to £46,525 (excluding London).

How much does a Teacher earn in different regions?

A Teacher's salary depends on where in England they are working and how many years of classroom experience they have. Factors such as location, experience, qualifications and the school can have an impact on the average salary. 

In different regions, the salary can differ slightly. In Manchester, the average salary for a Teacher is £30,604 and in Preston it is £30,805, compared to an annual salary of £33,786 for Teachers in Liverpool.

Can a Teacher benefit from supply teaching?

Supply teachers are just as important as permanent Teachers as they prevent disruption to pupil’s education to encourage continuous learning. Supply teaching is a popular, long-term career option for Teachers looking to gain more experience and reap benefits that aren’t just financially rewarding.

Specialist education recruiter Jamie Heath, said “I always advise my candidates on different ways to earn more experience in the education profession. Supply teaching is a great way for new professionals to earn hands-on experience, and it offers great flexibility. This can help in the long run as that hands-on experience can set you in good stead for a permanent or temporary teaching career.”

Supply teaching rates can also vary significantly depending on the local education market and the demand for substitutes in the area. Researching the local job market, understanding pay scales, and networking within the education community can help individuals identify opportunities for making more money as a supply Teacher. The pay and pension depends on the employer, making it crucial to check the salary for a supply teacher role.

What are the benefits of being a supply Teacher?

The benefits of being a supply Teacher include:

  • More flexibility.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Better time management.
  • More independence.


More flexibility

Supply teaching can provide Teachers with more flexibility and freedom to take control of their schedule and choose what days and hours they want to work.

Teachers are known for their Monday to Friday 8.30-3.30 work week and have to rely on school holidays to have time off, make appointments or go on holiday. 

Supply Teachers don’t have to worry about reorganising their lives or commitments around term-time and can instead choose to work as and when what works for them.

Work-life balance

Due to the flexibility of being a supply Teacher, there is a greater opportunity for a healthier work life balance with more opportunities to better manage their personal and relaxation time and embark on other types of work, studies, or hobbies. They have the liberty of turning down opportunities to prioritise tasks that contribute to their goals personally and professionally.

Some Teachers can be drawn to becoming a supply Teacher because it allows them to pursue passion projects alongside their teaching work or earn more money with a side-business.

Better time management

Another benefit to being a supply Teacher is having better time management than Teachers. This is due to the ability to be smart about lesson planning and also planning their time. This can positively impact and improve a Teachers mental health as they are able to switch off from work at the end of the day, without having to worry about lesson planning for the following day.

More independence

A supply Teacher can be more independent and self-motivated than a Teacher as they can work like a freelancer or independent contractor. Being able to control their own schedules and adapt to different teaching methods and styles is a great benefit to being a supply teacher.

Supply Teachers can often be more independently-minded and adaptable than permanent Teachers as they have to be able to adapt to each school, classroom and the skills and capabilities of the students. 


Get into teaching

If becoming a Teacher is the career path for you, why not check out our recent interview with a Teacher to discover what it’s really like to work within the classroom. Already got your next Teacher interview lined up? Check out how to prepare for a school Teacher interview in one of our recent blogs! 

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If you’re searching for a new role, check out the latest Teacher jobs or get in touch with our Managing Consultant, Jamie Heath, to discover the latest opportunities. Or why not upload your CV and one of our education consultants will notify you when a relevant opportunity becomes available.

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