A career in healthcare comes with the satisfaction of having made a real difference in the lives of others. Few careers can have greater rewards and challenges, particularly in a frontline capacity. But what do healthcare jobs pay? 

With NHS pay a particularly newsworthy topic right now, we've curated the salary expectations of many of the key healthcare roles to give you a better idea of what to expect. 

Agenda for Change (AfC) pay scales

The vast majority of NHS jobs (excluding doctors, dentists and the most senior managers) are covered by the Agenda for Change (AfC) pay scales. NHS employees progress to a new pay point each year until they reach the top of their pay band. 

Staff working in high-cost areas, such as in and around London, also receive a high-cost supplement. All NHS roles start on Band 2 as the Band 1 pay scale was scrapped for new entrants in 2018.  

Here are the current AfC pay scales and example jobs to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • Band 2 (£20,270 to £21,318) – Roles such as Domestic Support Worker or Nursery Assistant. 
  • Band 3 (£21,730 to £23,177) – Roles such as Emergency Care Assistant or Trainee Clinical Coder.
  • Band 4 (£23,949 to £26,282) – Roles such as Audio-Visual Technician or Dental Nurse.
  • Band 5 (£27,055 to £32,934) – Roles such as Podiatrist or Therapeutic Radiographer.
  • Band 6 (£33,706 to £40,588) – Roles such as School Nurse or Experienced Paramedic.
  • Band 7 (£41,659 to £47,672) – Roles such as Communications Manager or High-Intensity Therapist.
  • Band 8a (£48,526 to £54,619) – Roles such as Modern Matron or Nurse Consultant.
  • Band 8b (£56,164 to £65,262) – Roles such as Strategic Management or Head of Education And Training.
  • Band 8c (£67,064 to £77,274) – Roles such as Head of HR or Consultant Paramedic.
  • Band 8d (£79,592 to £91,787) – Roles such as Consultant Psychologist or Chief Nurse.
  • Band 9 (£95,135 to £109,475) – Roles such as Podiatric Consultant or Chief Finance Manager.

Salary expectations for healthcare roles

To give you a rough idea of the salary expectations you can anticipate across a range of healthcare roles, we've curated the average salaries (along with entry-level and high-earning salaries) of some of the main healthcare roles within the sector.  However, it’s worth noting that the salaries listed below are for full time permanent positions. 

Healthcare professionals who work on short term or temporary contracts (to cover staff absences or a peak in demand) can expect to earn more. This is due to the professional having to quickly adapt to a new environment and to compensate for a lack of benefits, and stability which a permanent position can offer. 

Registered General Nurses (RGN)

Registered General Nurses, or Adult Nurses, administer medical and nursing care to patients suffering from various health conditions across a wide range of healthcare environments, including GP surgeries and hospitals. Adult Nurse salaries start at £32,175 and peak at £57,203, with the average nurse earning approximately £38,125.

Mental Health Nurses

Mental Health Nurses provide specialist support, planning, medical and nursing care to patients with various mental health issues. The average annual salary for a Mental Health Nurse is around £35,699. Entry-level roles start at around £31,242, while the most experienced practitioners command in the region of £52,693.

CHC Nurse Assessors

CHC Nurse Assessors ensure patients receive the right care they need, assessing whether the care of a registered nurse is needed over and above what a non-registered carer can provide. The average annual salary for a CHC Nurse Assessor is £54,600, with salaries ranging from £40,096 at entry level to £80,600 for the most experienced.

CHC Case Managers

CHC Case Managers assess and evaluate a client's treatments and treatment plans. In addition, they monitor staff performance and review records for admitting new clients. You can expect an average annual salary of £43,000, with entry-level salaries starting at £36,777 and reaching £79,749 for the most experienced case managers.

NHS Call Handlers

NHS Call Handlers are the first line of defence when a person needs medical assistance. They're responsible for assessing the patient's condition, logging the details, and allocating the right help. The average salary for an NHS Call Handler is £23,427, with salary expectations ranging from £21,284 to £31,951, depending on experience.

Medical Secretaries & Administrators

Medical Secretaries and Administrators undertake various responsibilities, including managing the appointments of medical personnel and taking important medical phone calls. Entry-level NHS Secretary salaries start at £20,440 and peak in the region of £26,809, with the average salary equating to around £22,425.

Clinical Leads

A Clinical Lead is responsible for reviewing and updating care plans and leading a healthcare team to carry out their patient care duties. The earning potential for Clinical Leads ranges from around £36,075 for entry-level positions to £54,287 for more experienced practitioners, making the average UK salary around £41,376. 


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