The Best Books on Teaching

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Even after completing your teacher training and gaining Qualified Teacher Status, the learning still doesn’t stop. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, so it’s important to be receptive and take a proactive approach to your education as an educator. 

In our latest blog, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the books that have been widely recognised as ‘must reads’ for Teachers at all stages of their career.

Different types of teaching books 

There is a huge range of books in teaching that are beneficial to teachers, including

  • Classic teaching books which will help you get a wide range of tips, advice and support on teaching in general. 
  • Contemporary educational literature which will help you stay on top of changes and trends in teaching and the curriculum. 
  • Books on classroom management and assessment which will help you develop practical skills in the classroom that you can put into practice on the job. 
  • Teaching memoirs and inspirational reads which can give you different perspectives on your career by learning from the shared experience of other teachers. 

You should begin your search for the right book by knowing what you want to get out of it. For example, if you’re looking for specific subject advice and support, then a generalised book on teaching won’t provide you with the level of detail you’re looking for in your chosen specialism. 

Whether you’re searching for information on how to get into teaching or what makes a good SEN Teacher, there is a wealth of information out there! 

Our list is here to give you a few ideas of the best books on teaching, but be sure to know what you need before you buy it! 

General teaching

Why Don’t Students Like School?:  Daniel Willingham

A great book which uses findings from cognitive science and research and applies this to classroom teaching in an easily understandable and practical way. A brilliant resource for teachers, Willingham presents fascinating theories on memory and curiosity in an easily digestible way that can be transferred to your teaching practices. 

Classroom management

Running the Room: Tom Bennett

In this book, Bennett writes about one of the most important factors for successful lessons – managing the classroom environment. A perfect companion to your first-hand experience, this book helps you manage a class’s behaviour and build an environment where all pupils can flourish. 

Teaching memoirs

The Secret Teacher: Dispatches from the Classroom: Anonymous 

This anonymous account from ‘The Secret Teacher’ is a funny, insightful and honest account of life as a teacher, an eminently relatable tale of life both inside and outside the classroom. Covering everything from relationships with colleagues and students, to OFSTED visits, school trips, and beyond. 

Primary school

How to be an Outstanding Primary School Teacher: David Dunn 

As the name might suggest, Dunn’s book provides practical guides and advice to help you deliver great lessons to your pupils. An updated second edition includes guidance on utilising technology in the primary school classroom, along with tips on lesson planning and a wealth of resources to help you improve your skills as a teacher. 

Secondary school 

Essential Guide to Secondary Teaching, The: Practical Skills for Teachers: Susan Davies

A complete and comprehensive guidebook written specifically for secondary school teaching. Davies’ book advises on good classroom management, writing reports, formative assessments, form tutoring as well as maximising the use of your available resources. 

Early years

Best Practice in the Early Years: Alistair Bryce-Clegg 

A great read for any Early Years Teacher or Early Years Practitioner. Bryce-Clegg’s book focuses on child-led learning and building the best possible environment for early years learning, matching it to the children’s interests and encouraging outdoor learning. 

Personal development

Thinking, Fast and Slow: Daniel Kahneman 

Written by Nobel Prize winner, Daniel Kahneman, this book posits cognitive theories on human decision making, discussing when we can rely on our instincts, and when we should slow down and weigh up our options. As a teacher having to make hundreds of decisions a day – this book helps get under the lid of how we do it and improve our approach. 

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