Spencer Clarke Group Joins TikTok!

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To TikTok or not to TikTok, that is the question?

Many people question whether or not they should join TikTok. Or if it is worth it for their business to be on TikTok? Well, Spencer Clarke Group has taken the leap and joined in with the craze!

In today's changing job market and digital world, there are always new ways to engage with potential clients and candidates to strengthen your brand. Social media is a powerful tool to stay up-to-date and TikTok is currently the most popular platform used by brands all over the world. 

When the TikTok app started trending in 2018, it was all about lip-syncing and dancing, but it has since gone on a transformative journey to become a platform for businesses. So why not by recruitment agencies too?

Discover what we do at Spencer Clarke Group and stay updated with our latest posts on TikTok. 

Spencer Clarke Group’s TikTok journey

Since early 2023, our Marketing Assistant Ellie Cutts has been posting videos on TikTok to great success. It is now part of her role to post videos on the Spencer Clarke Group TikTok to utilise trends and increase engagement.

Since March, Spencer Clarke Group has embraced TikTok trends and challenges to better engage with the public. Everything from meet the team videos, to office dogs and days out, TikTok has opened up opportunities for Spencer Clarke Group to demonstrate our ambition, innovation and creativity as a recruitment agency but also as an organisation.

What you can expect from the SCG TikTok

Spencer Clarke Group’s TikTok is quite varied, but full of informational and entertaining posts showcasing what we do.

Some of the challenges and trends we’ve taken on board include ‘Let’s see what time our office dogs turns up for work,’ the ‘Cheese Tax,’ and plenty of other cute content from our canine consultants.

Our TikTok is also full of videos that take you with us on days out of the office such as awards ceremonies, go karting and Chester Races. There are lots of fun things that occur inside the office too, with videos from our summer carnival, games of Deal Or No Deal and breakfast clubs. These videos showcase the fun office culture at Spencer Clarke Group and how important it is to do something different and recognise people’s achievements and success.

10 Points of Culture

Culture is so important at Spencer Clarke Group that we award Culture Champions who best display one of our 10 Points of Culture which are:

  1. Energetic
  2. Fun
  3. Passionate
  4. Supportive
  5. Rewarding
  6. Ambitious
  7. Creative
  8. Innovative
  9. Dedicated
  10. Hard-working 

We choose Culture Champions and celebrate those who have best displayed our culture within a 2 month period, in or out of work. The best Culture Champion gets to play Deal or No Deal with the chance to win up to £500. This makes for a great video on TikTok and delivers a fun experience for viewers.

Our past winners include Lead Consultant, Adam Zyda for ‘inspiring.’ He kept his spirits high despite a tough start to the month, but ended with a record number of interviews and won £125! 

Senior Consultant, Sam Stanton, wasn’t so lucky with his winnings. He displayed his ‘energetic’ side by joining a new football team and working really hard at the gym! Unfortunately for Sam, he walked away with just 1p!

It’s not all just fun and games though. The Spencer Clarke Group TikTok is full of information and engagement about the team and the way we do business. TikTok allows us to promote across another platform and demonstrate our office culture and industry expertise.

Meet the team videos are a great way to put slow motion faces to the names you might want to do business with. Meet The Team helps potential clients get closer to the point of knowing and trusting you. 

Some of our videos offer industry advice that you can save and refer back to. This is a great way to increase engagement and offer advice that could really make a difference in someone's career.

We also have Q and A videos that offer career tips and advice from our experienced and knowledgeable consultants. These ‘For You’ videos are an excellent way to gain recognition and allow TikTok users to enjoy and engage with us.

Explore our TikTok to see exciting posts related to what we do and stay updated with our latest content on the platform. 

If you want to know more about Spencer Clarke Group whether it’s what goes on in the office, what we do as an organisation or you want some career advice, check out our TikTok now! 

Who is Spencer Clarke Group?

Since 2017, we’ve been reshaping and innovating the way we recruit beyond matching candidates and clients. We are passionate about finding candidates the perfect job, which has the ability to improve their salary, standard of living and their mental health. 

For us, it’s important to create a positive influence and resonate across every platform. From individuals seeking a new career to companies aiming to grow their business, our commitment to shaping a better, more fulfilling future continues to drive us.

If you’re searching for a new role, why not take a look at the latest opportunities on our job page? Alternatively, upload your CV and one of our experienced consultants will be happy to contact you and give you some advice.. 

If you’re struggling to fill a role, why don’t you give us a call on 01772 954200 to see how we can help?

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