Soulbury Pay Rates and Allowances

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In this blog, you will learn:

  • What the Soulbury pay scale is.
  • What the notice period for Soulbury is.
  • Where the latest Educational Psychologist jobs are and how to apply for them.

Soulbury pay rates and allowances provide details on pay scales, notice periods, and other important information. Explore the ins and outs of the Soulbury pay system and stay up-to-date in this exclusive guide.

What is the Soulbury pay scale?

Soulbury pay rates typically refer to the salary scales set by the Soulbury Committee which determines the pay and conditions for educational professionals employed by local authorities in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

They determine the pay for professionals in the educational provision including educational improvements professionals, managers of young people’s or community services and Educational Psychologists.

The Soulbury pay rates are determined by the Soulbury Committee and are negotiated on a national scale and are influenced by factors like experience, qualifications, location and recent changes in negotiations. Those paid on the Soulbury pay structure should receive a pay and grading arrangements that relate appropriately to the arrangements for others paid on that spine.

Soulbury-paid officers assist schools and provide support in relation to specific initiatives or areas of specialism, such as school improvement and educational psychology.

What is the notice period for Soulbury?

The notice period for Soulbury varies depending on the employer, the role and the specific terms can be found in the employee's contract. Councils and local authorities offer different probationary periods and different notice periods depending on the individual, organisational policy and relevant employment laws.

Typically notice periods are outlined in the employment contract and may range from one month to three months. However longer notice periods are usually expected for more senior positions or those who have worked within the organisation for a longer period of time.

Employees can review their specific contract terms or consult with their HR department to determine their notice period accurately.

What is the spinal column point?

Upon taking employment, employees usually start at the bottom of the scale for that job, starting at spinal column point one. Every year, their pay rises one spine point, and automatically receives the new wage appointed with that spine point.

They also receive whatever pay increase was negotiated for that year - the percentage increase is applied at the level of the spinal column structure. Once they reach the top of their scale, they no longer progress up spinal column points.

The pay and grading arrangements according to the spinal column point is the same for others paid on that spine and covers all wages from the lowest entry-level salary through to senior managerial or even executive pay levels.

Soulbury pay agreement from 1st September 2023:

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