Should I Be Searching for a Job Over Christmas?

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Christmas is a busy time of year and therefore looking for a new job during the holiday madness may not be at the top of your list of priorities.

However, just because you deserve a Christmas break, this doesn’t mean your job search should be given this luxury too.

If you can find a spare half an hour between decorating the tree and eating mince pies, it could be the perfect opportunity to start looking for your new role and here’s our top 5 reasons why…

There is less competition

Commonly, many people put their job search on hold over the Christmas period in order to focus their energy into the holiday season but this could leave them with a disadvantage when it comes to securing new employment.

During the festive season, with less people applying for jobs, there is usually less competition for positions that are being advertised. This advantage shouldn’t be wasted and with less applicants for each role, your application is much more likely to be noticed by an employer.

For positions which typically attract a lot of applications, applying over the festive season could be your secret weapon to getting noticed.

As well as less competition meaning you have more chance of securing an interview, it also means that the recruitment process is generally quicker. With this being the case, depending on your notice period if you are currently employed elsewhere, you could be ready to start your new job in January!

Reaching employers directly

Due to a decrease in the number of candidates, the Christmas period can also be a great time for reaching employers directly and initiating closer communication with them.

If you can speak directly to an employer via telephone during the application process, this will show them that you are keen to find out more about the role and will also help them to remember who you are.

With many candidates abandoning their search in favour of Christmas parties, the employer will also be impressed with your commitment to securing new employment.

Around the Christmas period, recruiters may also have more time to dedicate to their interview process so you may be given the opportunity for a longer, more in-depth interview.

Beat the January job rush

January sees many people starting their job search. A new year brings along a new group of people who have had time to reflect on their current situation over the holiday season and decided to make a change.

As well as these people, everyone who had put their job hunt on hold over the Christmas period will resume their search. Combined, this is a lot of competition to contend with!

The Christmas period is therefore a great opportunity to beat this rush. Getting your application in during December could mean that your application is viewed by the employer before they are flooded with applications in January.

Increases in a company’s hiring budget

With Christmas falling at the end of the calendar year, a company could potentially have a hiring budget left over that they wish to use before the close of the year. This means additional job opportunities may arise and recruitment processes can be enhanced.

An increase in a company's hiring budget can lead to finding jobs that were previously not going to be advertised until a later date. Having a wider selection of job opportunities to apply could increase your chances of securing an interview.

‘Tis the season

For many people, Christmas is a happy time of year, and this can be reflected in how hiring managers carry out their recruitment process.

Generally, the lead up to Christmas for many companies is less stressful than the other side of the holiday season and this is another reason for it being a great time of year to reach out to them. The happier a hiring manager feels in their own role, the more likely they are to dedicate more time and energy into their recruitment process.

It is also worth remembering that many businesses take on temporary staff over the festive period to help during what can be a busy time of year. Keeping an eye out during the lead up to the holiday season, as well as over it, may help you secure temporary employment with the potential for this to be extended in the long run.

So, whilst you may have thought the Christmas period was not the ideal time of year to start a job search, sparing a few hours over the festive period may just work in your favour!

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