Meet the Team - Denni-Marie Bassett

1-2 minutes

We recently caught up with a Senior Consultant on our education & SEND team, Denni-Marie Bassett, to discover more about her hidden talents and what motivates her at work.

How long have you worked at Spencer Clarke Group?

I began my journey at Spencer Clarke Group in August 2023. Before starting my role, I had attended a couple of the work events so it was an easy entrance as I already knew everyone!

What markets do you specialise in?

I specialise in education recruitment for secondary schools. I recruit Cover Supervisors, Teaching Assistants and Teachers mainly in Blackpool and Preston. However, I do cover some other areas of Lancashire too.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love building relationships with new clients. I also love the whole step by step recruitment process, meaning I get to meet my clients face to face!

What motivates you at work?

I think hearing positive feedback from clients and candidates -it is so motivating as you know you're helping others! Also, everyone in the education team covers the same roles so it's essentially a competition and I'm very competitive!

How would you describe working at Spencer Clarke Group?

Working at Spencer Clarke Group is like no other! It’s like a massive family who support each other. Even people on separate teams will do their most to support you in ways they can. The office atmosphere is incredible too, everyone bounces off each other!

Tell us about your career path so far

I started working in recruitment after leaving school specialising in construction! I then made the move to relocate and found the opportunity here at Spencer Clarke Group - it's the best decision I’ve ever made!

How would your colleagues describe you?

I think they would describe me as loud, competitive and very dramatic.

Where are we most likely to find you outside of work?

Outside of work, you're most likely to find me at the gym, in Nandos or sitting on my sofa getting stuck into a good series!

Tell us something we’d never guess about you!

I used to compete in horse riding competitions when I was younger.

What’s next for you at Spencer Clarke Group?

I want to build a stronger client base, grow the secondary desk and hopefully bring someone else on to work with me!

10 Quick Fire Questions!

What’s your favourite film?

Shutter Island.

Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to?


What advice would you give to your young self?

Save your pocket money! 

Have you ever met anyone famous?

No, I haven't.

What three items would you take with you to a deserted island?

A bottle of wine, a week's supply of crisps and a pair of sunglasses!

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have 2 dogs. 

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can do the Butter Pants voice from Shrek!

What’s the best gig you’ve been to?

I haven’t been to one.

What animal is your spirit animal?

An otter.

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

Spicy peanuts!

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