Interview with SCG Partner - Behaviour Solutions Provider

1-2 minutes

Spencer Clarke Group is currently working in partnership with a behaviour solutions provider to give students the opportunity to excel in and out of an educational setting. 

We recently caught up with our partner to discover more about the unique course which they are offering to schools, how their experience as a Headteacher has shaped their views on behaviour in schools and why it is important to them. 

Give us a brief introduction into your background in education

Upon finishing University, I enrolled on a PGCE course at Preston College. I knew immediately that I had a passion for passing on my educational knowledge and I realised that I was able to develop professional working relationships with children. 

I was encouraged by my Team Leader to progress a career in high school education. I applied for a job at Fulwood High School, completed a PGCE conversion course and started as a PE Teacher.

In my second year, the Headteacher recognised my pastoral qualities and appointed me as Head of Year. The school changed to a House system and I transferred to becoming a Head of House. 

The House system became the main driver for the school and I became responsible for 250 pupils in my House. In this role, I was able to get to know pupils and families. 

My motto for Barton House was that we are our own school in this big school. I drove all standards which ranged from attendance, House points, sports days, parents evenings and work with social services, to name but a few.

This role opened doors for further educational roles; my experience is vast and I have seen, learnt and led on a range of so many different things within education.

How did your experience as a Headteacher shape your views on behaviour in schools?

As Deputy Head, I become increasingly frustrated with schools turning immediately to suspension or permanent exclusion. Whilst meeting other schools, I chaired meetings and challenged and encouraged deputy Heads and Headteachers to use their teacher toolkits and to think outside the box to reduce exclusions across the district.

When I became Headteacher, this gave me the overall say. Fortunately, I became a Headteacher in not only a deprived area but also an area that the DfE identified as an opportunity area. 

In return, this generated funding for all schools. As a team of Headteachers, we had a collective agreement that we would reduce exclusions across the town of Blackpool.

Although the agreement was in place, schools continued to cleanse and as we had places on roll, we inherited these pupils. 

I proved across Blackpool that exclusions and suspensions could be reduced. I was delighted to submit our exclusion date to the DfE! In the year 2019/2020, we had zero permanent exclusions and reduced suspensions by 81%.

Ofsted recognised our progression and awarded the school ‘good’ for PDBW and ‘good’ for L & M.

Tell us about what the course entails

This is a ten-week course which involves a bespoke 45-minute 1-1 appointment. The course includes:

  • Mental and physical aspects of sport/life
  • Practical experience
  • Leading practical sessions
  • Muscles and bones
  • Psychology in sport
  • Respiratory and cardiovascular systems
  • Build a portfolio of evidence
  • Presentation to the Headteacher
  • Regular contact with parents/carers

How does this course differ from other behavioural courses available?

From knowledge, I am the only person with experience of headship delivering this type of course.

How do you overcome the challenges which schools face with regards to behaviour?

No child has had to be removed from the programme. I build relationships with the children and families. I believe in a firm but fair approach. All pupils are made aware of the standards and expectations.

Why is this course important to you?

I am a huge believer in developing the child and rebuilding them. I have never come across a NAUGHTY child. Life experiences generally have a huge part to play in a child's school journey.

What schools do you work with?

I currently work across the Bay Learning Trust which included a three-month piece of work with Ashton Community Science College. I am always interested to speak with schools in the Chorley, Blackpool, Kirkham and Preston area to see how this course could benefit their school and pupils.   

Why are you working in collaboration with Spencer Clarke Group?

I am really impressed with their working philosophy. I have been delighted with the professional standards that everyone sets. Spencer Clark Group is a leading driver across education standards.

To discover more about the course and request a proposal, please submit your details and our partner will contact you with a detailed proposal.

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