Interview with Associate Director Thomas Humphreys

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In our new feature blog, ‘Interview with a recruiter’ we’re catching up with recruiters within the Spencer Clarke Group office to discover advice for successful hiring across the broad spectrum of businesses which we work with.

This time we caught up with Spencer Clarke Group’s first ever employee Thomas Humphreys, to discover more about his role as Associate Director as well as heading up 5 teams including Construction, Trades and Labour, Highways Infrastructure and Engineering, Planning Development and Regeneration, Property and Asset Management and School Facilities.

Back in 2017, Thomas Humphreys helped open the doors to Spencer Clarke Group and the company has continued to grow and develop ever since. Thomas now oversees and manages multiple divisions, and was instrumental in helping Spencer Clarke Group achieve the ISO 9001 accreditation in 2023.

With over 13 years experience in the recruitment industry, Thomas works with over 100 local authorities, places Directors with Councils and works on multiple projects. 

Thomas, tell us about yourself

Most would describe me as eccentric; however, I am very career focused. In my spare time, I enjoy documentaries, football, and spending time with loved ones.


How did you end up in the world of recruitment?

After leaving home at 18, I went to Leeds University to study Business Management. I was put in touch with the Managing Director of a recruitment company by one of my university tutors. I instantly fell in love with the field and while I completed my degree I developed my skills and knowledge within recruitment.

I met the now Managing Director of Spencer Clarke Group, Mike Shorrock when I was 21 and we have both worked together in recruitment ever since. I quickly developed into senior management roles and this is something I have utilised and embraced as Spencer Clarke Group has continued to flourish.

What does your role entail at Spencer Clarke Group?

I play a role in driving the growth and success of the agency by overseeing daily operations, managing teams, and ensuring the achievement of business targets.

I work closely with various departments and team managers to create a thriving work environment, facilitate smooth processes, and optimise overall performance as well as deputising in the absence of the Managing Director to ensure the smooth running of the business.

My 13 years of experience within recruitment has helped me to develop an in-depth knowledge of compliance and processes. Spencer Clarke Group thrives on being an industry leader within compliance and process and I have led and assisted on the implementation of ISO9001 and APSCO Compliance+ accreditations.

I currently oversee and manage multiple divisions including Construction Trades & Labour, Planning and Regeneration, Property and Asset management, Highways and Infrastructure and School Facilities. 

As the company has grown so has my role and I assist with business expansion and diversification, business strategy and planning, sales and business development, tender preparation and submission, performance measurement, reporting and operational efficiency. My role is something I relish and enjoy more as the company grows.


You were Spencer Clarke Group’s first ever employee, how have things changed and what have you learnt?

I started with Spencer Clarke Group on the day it opened as I knew the vision the company and Managing Director had. The difference from July 2017 to today is astronomical. The growth we have experienced was not something any of us envisaged when Spencer Clarke Group established itself and is something everyone who started out with us should be proud of.

When we first established Spencer Clarke Group, my role was similar to what a lot of our employees do today, helping match quality talent with quality clients. This has since changed and my day-to-day role now is far more operational and strategic which is something I have embraced.


Who do you work with?

My team covers the whole of the UK and we work with over 100 local authorities, NHS Trusts and 120 schools across the North West alone. We place Directors with councils as well as working closely on multiple projects within the levelling up fund.

We work with such a variety of clients and staff, it's impossible to fit them all into one answer! The markets my teams cover are varied - however each individual is a specialist within their own field. My advice is, if you wish to hear more about what we do, give me a call!


What is the best thing about your role? 

Recruitment is a very target-driven industry, and with that comes high volumes of stress and competition. One of the best and most satisfying parts of my role is helping create a work environment for my team where they feel comfortable and enjoy coming into work.

Spencer Clarke Group has such a low turnover of staff which is extremely rare in our industry and I think this is a testament to the focus on welfare and wellbeing the business takes. It makes me proud to work at a company that cares for its staff.


What are the current challenges facing hiring for the public sector?

It's well-documented and widely known that the UK has faced multiple challenges around austerity measures and underfunding. As an agency, we served the public sector throughout the pandemic and continue to work closely with our clients to assist them to stay under budget.

The main issue faced by a lot of our clients is delivering on projects within the correct timescales as well as within budget. We work closely with our clients to ensure we supply staff who can deliver but within the councils, schools or NHS budgets.


How does Spencer Clarke Group help overcome these challenges?

Our company presence within our designated markets means we can connect talented individuals, many of whom are not active jobseekers, with our clients. A lot of talent is not aware about the opportunities available to them and many clients do not have the resources to manage such a large talent pool.

Spencer Clarke Group prides itself on long term relationships and through this we can assist where other agencies fall short, by connecting clients and talent at a lower cost and at a faster rate.


What’s your best advice for anyone looking to pursue a career in one of your specialisms?

We offer training, advice as well as market knowledge. If you are looking to pursue a career in any specialism we work in - or in recruitment itself - get in touch!


What advice would you give to someone qualified and looking for their first position? How can they gain valuable experience?

I would advise anyone looking to gain experience and discuss career opportunities available to them to pick up the phone and call me or the team. We are happy to assist with advice and suggestions as well as connect staff with our clients.


What does the future hold for you at Spencer Clarke Group?

Whenever I consider my future, it involves Spencer Clarke Group; it's more than a career for me and somewhere I am very passionate about.

I envisage the company growing further and continuing to develop ourselves as market leaders in each of our specialisms, as well as diversifying further into our markets. I anticipate we will add a lot of new faces to the Spencer Clarke Group team and continue pursuing our company's mission and values. 

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