How to Choose the Right Law Firm For Me

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In this blog, you will learn: 

  • Important factors to consider when you’re looking for a new law firm
  • How Spencer Clarke Group can connect you to legal jobs

If you're a newly qualified professional searching for your first legal job, or you’re on the lookout to progress your career in a new law firm  it's important to pick a company that suits you, your lifestyle and supports your success.

It's crucial to find a law firm that matches what you want to ensure that you feel happy, supported and fulfilled in your job. However, as many Lawyers and Solicitors find out early on in their career, choosing a law firm is a daunting prospect due to the different types of law firms out there. 

Legal professionals should do their research to have a clear idea of what law firm they want to join before they even think about starting an application. 

With this said, in our latest insights piece, we explore 7 valuable tips if you're trying to find a new law firm.

Important factors to consider when searching for a new law firm

By taking into account the essential factors, you can gather valuable insights and make a well-informed decision. This approach will significantly contribute to the success of your career move:

Key things to consider are:

  • The location of the law firm
  • The size of the law firm
  • The culture of the law firm
  • The work-life balance of the law firm
  • The perks of the law firm
  • The law firms reputation
  • How inclusive the law firm is

The location of the law firm

The location of the law firm can play a crucial role in your decision about where to work.

You might want to think about whether the firm is in a city or rural area, how long it takes to commute and the transportation options available. 

Many law firms have multiple offices, which could open up the opportunity for moving and working in a new place - or working remotely! 

A city law firm comes with several advantages such as easy access to shops and social activities, good transport links, improved networking opportunities and often higher salaries. Competition for city law firms is fierce as they often have prestigious reputations - however, the compromise to this can be working longer and unsociable hours! 

On the flip side, a firm located in a rural setting might provide fascinating surroundings and outdoor spaces for relaxation during breaks - after all, city life isn’t for everyone! 

The size of the law firm

The size of the law firm you decide to join can greatly affect your experience. Bigger firms might offer greater chances for advancing in your career and growing professionally, along with access to a broader array of clients and projects.

On the other hand, smaller firms could offer a more helpful and adaptable work atmosphere. This might include the chance to work closely with senior colleagues and gain exposure to different tasks.

The culture of the law firm

The culture of the law firm can really affect how satisfied you are with your job and how your overall experience turns out. It's a good idea to find out about the firm's vision, ethos, goals, and the way they work to see if it matches up with what you want for your career and personal growth.

Think about whether it matters to you to have a social relationship with your colleagues outside of work, or if you'd rather keep work separate from your personal life. 

Check out Glassdoor to read reviews from current and previous employees. The law firm's website and social media pages can also provide useful insights into what it’s like to work for a particular law firm.

The work-life balance of the law firm

When deciding on a new law firm to join, the balance between your job and personal life is crucial. Employees with a good work-life balance are more efficient, productive and motivated, which benefits not only the employee but the employer too. 

Search for firms that provide flexible work options, such as remote or hybrid work patterns. Even if this information isn’t advertised in the job vacancy, you should raise it during the interview process so you are fully aware of what to expect should you be offered the position. 

You should also ask if they offer extra annual leave, sabbaticals or extended holiday periods. Before making your decision, it's also a good idea to ask about the firm's rules regarding overtime, workload, and how they manage time.

The perks of the law firm

The perks provided by a law firm may be significant when you're thinking about a job offer.

Certain law firms provide incentives such as flexible work options, bonus plans, gym membership,  pension contributions, health insurance, spa breaks and event tickets. 

As enticing as perks can be, it's more important to prioritise career growth opportunities and how you can move ahead in your career within the firm

The law firms reputation

Before deciding to apply for any positions, it's a good idea to think about the reputation of the law firm. Search for details about the firm's history, awards, and qualifications. Check out news articles or official press releases connected to the law firm.

It's also worth considering the firm's efforts in corporate social responsibility (CSR). This includes things such as how committed they are to being environmentally friendly, supporting charitable causes, and contributing to the local community. You should be able to find more information about a law firm's commitment to CSR on their website. 

How inclusive the law firm is

Despite the legal industry's reputation for being ‘fusty,’ the industry has made significant inroads in relation to diversity and inclusivity. When searching for a new legal job, you should look for a law firm which supports and champions everyone to be themselves regardless of sexuality, socioeconomic background or ethnicity.  

Find your next legal job

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