How Spencer Clarke Group Connects Educational Psychologists With Employment Opportunities

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As award winning SEND recruiters, we collaborate with hundreds of local authorities all over the UK, consistently matching HCPC registered Educational Psychologists with rewarding permanent and temporary roles.

We recognise that everyone's needs are unique which is why we provide a range of employment opportunities for Educational Psychologists, including remote, temporary, and project-based positions, allowing Educational Psychologists to discover the perfect fit for their career.

We recently asked four Educational Psychologists about their experience of working with Spencer Clarke Group, and more specifically their recruitment consultant Natalie Boaler

Case Study 1 - Educational Psychologist

“I uploaded a very rough CV online one night and Natalie rang me at 9am the next morning. She was the first recruiter to ring me and I was really impressed by how ‘on it’ she was.

Natalie immediately helped me to improve my CV and understood what type of work I was looking for. She had an interview set up with a local authority within about 48 hours of first contact which I thought was incredible. She checked in with me before and after the interview whilst also continuing to look at other potential options in the meantime. 

The experience has had a huge impact on my career. Working with Natalie has enabled me to remain on maternity leave for longer and spend more time with my child. They helped me to find a role with an authority I had no previous links with and it has been a fantastic opportunity.

Originally, I had assumed this role would be a temporary arrangement, until I returned to my original role after maternity leave. However, it has been such a positive experience that I have been able to reduce my hours at my original job and will continue within the role at Cheshire West and Chester. This has meant that I can work on a part time basis which is fantastic for my family. 

Natalie helped me to navigate the difficulties of working whilst on maternity leave and forming a limited company - she helped me overcome any barriers in the way. 

Working with Natalie has been like night and day compared to some other agencies. I have received contact from lots of recruiters and many come across as very pushy and inauthentic. 

Natalie was personable and relatable from day one and I felt like she was truly working in my best interests. Natalie was much quicker and more helpful than any other recruiter who has approached me. She listened to what I was looking for and did not try to push me to do virtual work. She understood and respected my values. She was extremely proactive and helped me with my CV so that contact would be able to approach authorities quickly.

I would recommend Natalie to anyone. When I first made contact, finding a suitable role felt really stressful but she was very reassuring and there is no way that I would have the role without her.”

Case Study 2 - Principal Educational Psychologist

“Natalie has been incredibly supportive from the outset. She approached me with a proposal and had clearly undertaken her research to ensure that I was a match for the role. She was very well informed about the requirements of the position and could confidently answer my questions. Natalie showed the utmost in terms of respect, courtesy and support and has always been extremely prompt in her responses.

Through Natalies help, it means I will be maintaining my current level of senior management in a different organisation and this is something that meets my needs and wants at this point in my career.

Via my work, I deal with a lot of different people and believe in the value of relationships and ‘working together.’ This is clearly a value shared by Natalie. In comparison to other recruitment consultants from other recruitment organisations, Natlie has that value and her ability to foster a professional relationship is genuine. 

It is more than a ‘job’. Natalie demonstrates support, empathy, curiosity and desire for me to obtain the best role that she can obtain for me. That imbues a sense of trust from me to her. I don’t think you can ‘buy’ that.”

Case Study 3 - Educational Psychologist

“Spencer Clarke Group helped me to find better associate employment; through working with them, I now have 2 assessments per week from a reliable local authority. 

My consultant, Natalie Boaler, has been thorough, professional, courteous, friendly, efficient, resilient and flexible! 

Compared to other agencies, Spencer Clarke Group is approachable, friendly and flexible. They are excellent and definitely the best agency I have worked with.” 

Case Study 4 - Educational Psychologist

“Natalie helped to find me a job working as a Locum Educational Psychologist writing reports for Education, Health & Care (EHC) plans.

This role is much closer to home; previously, I had to commute four hours there and back. Being closer to home means that I have the capacity to do more cases now than previously. 

Natalie has been fantastic. She is really personable and helpful. She is easily contactable and responds to any queries extremely quickly, even when she is not working and in the evenings and weekends.

As I have been impressed with Natalie, I have recommended her to other colleagues of mine as well. I get contacted regularly by agents, who can be very pushy. However, I have been really impressed by Natalie's approach. 

The process of joining and gathering information was very easy too, such as collecting references. Also the process of timesheets and payment is really straightforward which I really like.”

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If you’re searching for your dream Educational Psychologist job, why not discover all the latest opportunities with Spencer Clarke Group? We work with hundreds of local authorities throughout the UK and can offer a range of interim and permanent opportunities. 

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