How Recruitment Agencies Simplify Your Job Search

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In this blog, you will learn

  • What a recruitment agency does.
  • How recruitment agencies can simplify your job search.
  • How to find and apply for the best jobs.

Finding a job is never easy, no matter what stage you’re at in your career. Navigating the job market and preparing for interviews can be a long, tedious process sometimes with no feedback or results. 

It can be challenging spending hours looking for jobs and waiting for responses. However, there is a better, less stressful and more efficient way to do this!

The Recruitment and Recovery Report estimates that every 21 seconds somebody finds a permanent role through a recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies can be a crucial resource when navigating the job market. With the help of experts, you can receive valuable tips and guidance to find a job efficiently and easily.

In our latest blog, we uncover how recruitment agencies can simplify your search and improve your chances of success. Not sure what they do or what they offer? Here’s a guide to recruitment agencies, and how they can simplify your search and increase your chances of getting a job!

What does a recruitment agency do for candidates?

Recruitment agencies match candidates to vacancies and work directly with companies to help fill their roles. Not all recruiters are the same, as different agencies specialise in different types of recruitment and offer different types of services.

A recruitment agency can help you at any stage of your career and is a great asset for someone looking for a job. They can help with most of the recruitment process and keep you updated and well advised throughout.

How can recruitment agencies simplify your search?

Recruitment agencies can simplify your job search by offering expert guidance and insider knowledge to navigate the job market. Finding a job can be challenging, but you’ll have a much better chance with a recruitment agency. 

Here are 8 ways a recruitment agency can simplify your search and increase your chances of getting a job:

1. Free your time

Time plays a huge part in a job search and it can make you feel like there isn’t much time for anything else. A CareerBuilder survey revealed that jobseekers will spend an average of 11 hours a week looking for work.

When using a recruitment agency, you’ll have professionals to help you navigate the complexities of the job market on your behalf. Recruiter will be the ones spending time finding jobs that are best suited to your specific skills, experience, location and needs, freeing up your valuable time. 

Recruitment agencies also save you time by handling the recruitment process from start to finish including evaluating job applications, organising interviews online or in person and negotiating job offers, terms and salaries on your behalf. 

Agencies do the legwork and fast-track the process which makes it much more efficient than if you were job hunting on your own.

2. Offer expertise

If you’re not sure about your career plans, a recruitment agency can offer you advice and expertise to help you make an informed decision that is best for you.

A recruiter's job is to ensure that the people they put forward for employment are the right match for the job description.They understand employer needs, candidate expectations and can give potential candidates an insight into the business and a feel for the culture.

3. Improve your CV

You need to sell yourself on a CV and recruiters will be able to help you structure your CV and customise it for specific roles and companies to increase your chances of getting an interview. 

According to StandOut CV, in 2020, 43% of businesses said they rely on CV screening alone to find their candidates for an interview shortlist. The same survey revealed that on average, hiring managers will spend just 7.4 seconds looking at a CV. This means it’s important that your CV is informative, impactful and engaging from start to finish - as recruiters look at CVs day in and day out, they know what qualities make a CV a good one!

4. Expand your options

The knowledge and expertise of a recruiter presents more work opportunities than if you searched for a job without one. According to LinkedIn, 70% of jobs are never published publicly or on job boards. That means recruitment agencies can expand a candidate's job search to jobs which they won't find anywhere else. 

If you’re being put forward for a position which isn’t available online, it could also mean that you’re not competing with as many candidates. 

5. Tailored to you

It can be difficult to whittle down the options and find the perfect job for you. Recruitment agencies consider your skills, ambitions and values to target jobs that are suited to you as opposed to you applying to multiple companies and roles.

Skilled recruiters can help tailor your job search by establishing what your ambitions are and what sort of environment you thrive in. By considering culture and values as well as the expectations of the role, recruiters ensure that candidates will achieve job satisfaction.

By using the services of a recruiter who understands the job market, it can wholly improve a candidate's recruitment experience, and decrease the amount of time it takes to find and secure a job.

6. Reduce stress

Knowing that you are supported in your job search is important to remain positive and confident. Being able to rely on a recruitment agency to simplify your search can reduce the stress and pressures of job hunting. 

Having the right people guide you through your job search can make all the difference when it comes to finding the right role. With support and guidance, candidates can remain positive and confident, in order to focus their time and effort on their goals and interview preparation and practice.

7. Provide temporary solutions

If your job search has been challenging, or you realise you have no experience to talk about on your CV, a recruitment agency can connect you with temporary or contract positions. This would provide you with income and experience while you search for a permanent job. According to the Recruitment and Recovery Report, 69% of workers who found temporary work through an agency say that they are satisfied with their experience and 15% said they wanted to learn new skills and gain experience in a new area.

Recruitment agencies can simplify your search by opening up your options. Having temporary work experience allows you to gain skills and experience that will make you more desirable to potential employers.

The more knowledgeable you are with the evidence to support it, the more likely you will stand out in the job market and be successful. When a permanent opportunity becomes available, you will already have the experience and skills necessary for the job.

8. Gain tips and feedback

A great recruiter will help you strengthen your interview skills to prepare you for an interview before the interview. 

Post interview a great recruiter will go above and beyond to get you the information and feedback that you need. There is nothing worse than having an interview and not receiving proper feedback to help you improve for a future interview. 

Recruiters will chase interview feedback on your behalf and provide actionable tips to help you improve in the future. They keep in constant communication with candidates and employers to understand why you didn’t get the job and how to improve or strengthen your interview skills in time for your next interview.

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