How Much Does a Teaching Assistant Earn?

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In this blog, you will learn:

  • How much a Teaching Assistant earns.
  • The benefits to being a Teaching Assistant.
  • How you can earn a higher Teaching Assistant salary.
  • Where the latest Teaching Assistant jobs are and how to apply for them.

Considering a career as a Teaching Assistant but want to learn more about the salary, qualifications and benefits that come with this rewarding career?

Being a Teaching Assistant is a rewarding job that involves supporting schools, supporting the curriculum and assisting the Teacher in the classroom.

If you’re wondering how to earn a higher Teaching Assistant salary, this article will help you discover what qualifications you need and the positives of pursuing a career as a Teaching Assistant.

How much does a Teaching Assistant earn?

The salary of a Teaching Assistant in the UK varies depending on location, experience, and the school itself. On average, a Teaching Assistant earns around £17,000 to £22,000 per year in line with the local government pay scale.

Some Teaching Assistants may earn more than this, while others may earn less, depending on the number of hours a Teaching Assistant works and the location they are working. A Teaching Assistant in London, for example, will earn more than elsewhere in the country due to the higher cost of living and the higher government pay scale.

Pay also varies depending on the organisation you’re working for e.g. independent, academy and free schools aren’t required to follow local authority pay guidelines for Teaching Assistant positions. This means you could be earning less or more than the national average depending on the type of school you’ll be working with.

Benefits to being a Teaching Assistant?

There are many benefits that come with being a Teaching Assistant such as pensions, and holiday pay. Teaching Assistants are eligible to join the local authority’s sick pay and pension scheme which provides additional benefits and financial security.

Because Teaching Assistants work normal teacher hours, they have more holidays and free time than you'll find in most other careers.

Teaching Assistants receive extensive holiday time such as 6-8 weeks off during the summer, and typically a week or two off in May, October and Christmas. This gives them the opportunity to pursue other part-time work, hobbies or build up their qualifications.

Teaching Assistants also get the same time off as pupils, which can be helpful for those who would require childcare but instead can spend time with family, socialise or rest. This offers a better work life balance and the opportunity for Teaching Assistants to travel too.

Being a Teaching Assistant is also a highly rewarding role in itself as it involves helping students overcome obstacles to reach their goals and can really impact their lives and career.

How to earn more as a Teaching Assistant

If you’re looking to earn a higher salary as a Teaching Assistant, it is important to look into acquiring additional skills, qualifications and knowledge that will be useful in the job. 

Gaining the right qualifications to become a Teaching Assistant is going to help candidates to be considered for higher level positions or a better paying job. On average, the starting annual salary for Level 1 Teaching Assistants is set at around £17,000 and can increase to up to £25,000 per year with a Level 3 qualification and additional specialisms.

With supporting qualifications, a Teaching Assistant can make themselves more valuable and desirable to potential employers. Having a qualification in safeguarding is important when working with children in a school setting.

Acquiring a first aid qualification isn’t essential but can increase chances of candidates being considered for higher level or higher paying positions.

Or why not consider taking on extra responsibilities and becoming a SEND Teaching Assistant? A SEND Teaching Assistant can expect to earn around £29,000 per year due to the additional responsibilities and the need to understand the SEND Code of Practice.

Dreaming of becoming a Teaching Assistant?

If becoming a Teaching Assistant sounds like the role for you, why not learn all you can in our very own Teaching Assistant Handbook which is packed full of insightful information about what you can expect. We also recently conducted an interview with a Teaching Assistant to see what life is really like inside the classroom. 

If you’re hoping to become a Teaching Assistant but have no experience, our recent article details actionable strategies you can take to increase your employability. 

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The latest Teaching Assistant jobs

If you’re searching for a new role, check out our Teaching Assistant jobs or get in touch with our Managing Consultant, Jamie Heath, to discover the latest opportunities. Or you can simply upload your CV and one of our education consultants will notify you when a relevant opportunity becomes available.

Recruit a Teaching Assistant

If you’re struggling to fill a Teaching Assistant role, why don’t you give us a call on 01772 954200 to see how we can help? You could also check out how we help schools with their talent acquisition now. A large proportion of our team are ex-teachers and Teaching Assistants so they completely understand how to cater to the needs of mainstream and SEND schools. Simply get in touch today!   

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