EHCP Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

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Preparing for an EHCP Coordinator interview? Get tips and sample interview questions and expert answers to help you impress your potential employer and land your dream job.

In this blog, you will learn:

  • Questions you could get asked in your EHCP Coordinator interview.
  • What the hiring manager at the Local Authority may be looking for in your answers.
  • The average EHCP Coordinator’s salary.
  • Where the latest EHCP Coordinator’s jobs are and how to apply for them.

What is an EHCP Coordinator?

A EHCP Coordinator manages the Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) for children and young people up to the age of 25 with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND). They gather information, assess the child’s needs, coordinate assessments and draft EHCPs in accordance with statutory legislation. These coordinators must organise the compliant delivery of new EHCPs, ensuring they are implemented effectively to support the student’s needs and development. 

EHCP Coordinators are typically employed by Local Authorities or educational settings and are the main point of contact for young people and their parents, schools and relevant professionals. 

On average, EHCP Coordinator salaries in the UK typically range between £27,000 and £37,000 per year. This depends on the role, the organisation and the geographic location as salaries may vary in senior positions or in areas with a higher cost of living.

EHCP interview questions

Preparing for an EHCP Coordinator interview in order to improve your chances of getting the job involves researching questions beforehand to help you with your answers during the interview. 

You might be asked about your organisational skills or your ability to support students with special educational needs. Throughout this blog, we explore potential interview questions along with answers which could make you stand out and increase your chances of securing the position of an EHCP Coordinator.

What are the main responsibilities of an EHCP Coordinator?

A hiring manager might ask you this so they can assess your understanding of the role and the significance of assessing and evaluating the needs of young people with SEND. 

The employers would expect you to understand the key duties of the role to determine if you are familiar with the EHCP assessment and planning process, including the stages, timelines, and statutory requirements. 

How to answer this question

You will be expected to have a strong understanding of SEND legislation and an awareness of some of the main responsibilities of the role as set out in the SEND Code of Practice. 

Your answer should reveal your knowledge of the role and the responsibilities of the role, such as liaising with Teachers, parents and external agencies to create individualised education plans for young people with diverse learning needs ensuring they reach their full potential in an inclusive classroom environment. 

What are you looking for in your new position as EHCP Coordinator? 

There are a few reasons why an interviewer might ask this question. One reason is to get a sense of the motivation behind your career choice which is important as it can give insight into their values and priorities. 

This question can also help the interviewer understand how your personal experience has influenced your professional goals and what inspires you to pursue this career. The hiring manager is looking to measure your dedication to the field and your potential as a future employee.

How to answer this question

Your answer should consist of past experiences in your pursuit for the EHCP Coordinator role to where you are now. You will be expected to delve into your career and educational background to determine if your experiences align with the EHCP Coordinator role and what you’re looking forward to or expect from your new role.

In your answer, aim to mention that you are looking to continue to exercise your skills in a position that is challenging and has a lot to offer, just like yourself. Be clear and specific about your goals and what you expect from the position. 

Highlight experiences that you’ve enjoyed and that have influenced your decisions to get you where you are today, and why you think this is the right next step for you. This is your opportunity to voice your plans for the role and the company organisation and gives the hiring manager an idea of your expectations.

What do you think are the most important qualities to be a successful EHCP Coordinator?

This question gives the hiring manager the opportunity to discover what qualities you believe are necessary to be successful in the role, and if they correlate with their own ideas and values. 

Your response will determine if you are well-suited to and give the interviewer insight into your approach to the job. From this, they can assess your self-awareness and ability to articulate your thoughts on the subject which is a skill and important quality in itself.

How to answer this question

Your response should reveal your knowledge of the role and the skills and qualities that you possess to be a successful EHCP Coordinator. Include how you have applied those skills and qualities in your career. 

Here are a few qualities that are important to be a successful EHCP Coordinator. 

  • Ability to develop relationships with parents, educators, and administrators.
  • Knowledge of special education laws and regulations.
  • Excellent communication, organisational and time-management skills.

Can you tell us about any initiatives you have set up in your current post that have improved outcomes for students with SEND?

The hiring manager may ask about initiatives you've set up in your current role that have improved outcomes for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities to evaluate your practical experience and innovation in addressing student needs. 

This question aims to assess your creativity, innovation and ability to go above and beyond to have a significant impact on students. 

How to answer this question

You should provide examples in your answer that reflect your ability to create EHCPs that have positively impacted or influenced people with special needs and their overall educational development. 

In your answer explain what your plan was and the improvements and outcome it had on young people and provide evidence of your innovation, initiative and success. Show a feeling of fulfilment for contributing meaningful, valued and appreciated work.

What do you think are the biggest challenges faced by EHCP Coordinators?

The purpose of this question is for you to provide examples of challenges you have overcome in your career within the field of special education, or common challenges that you have identified through research of the role. 

The hiring manager might be trying to measure your level of experience and evaluate your ability to handle challenges or difficulties. They may also be trying to assess your knowledge of the industry and the latest research and trends in the field. 

It is important for interviewers to ask this question to help them identify candidates who have a strong understanding of the challenges faced by those working in the field and who are able to think critically about challenges and develop innovative solutions to address them.

How to answer this question

In your answer, aim to demonstrate how you would use your ability to identify challenges, the strategies you would use to face them and how you would use your creativity and initiative in a demanding situation. 

Your response should offer appropriate and creative solutions, advice or support for challenges or difficulties that you have faced or identified. Explain how you would implement training programs or plans to prevent challenges and demonstrate your ability to think critically about the challenges EHCP Coordinators face.

In your answer, explain how you'd work with staff to identify training needs and then offer the appropriate support and training.

What do you think is the most important thing that an EHCP Coordinator can do to improve the lives of students with disabilities?

The interviewer is asking this question to analyse your understanding of the role in improving the lives of students with disabilities. It is important for the EHCP Coordinator to be aware of the various ways they can support and advocate for students with disabilities, in order to ensure that these students have equal access to education and opportunities.

How to answer this question

Demonstrate effective and engaging ways to improve the lives of students with disabilities by providing examples and why you believe they are important and beneficial.

Examples of how an EHCP Coordinator can improve the lives of students include:

  • Ensure all students with SEND have access to a high quality education and that their needs are met.
  • Work with Teachers and School Administrators to ensure that students with disabilities are included in all aspects of the educational process and that their individual needs are met. 
  • Make reasonable adjustments to the learning environment, care routines and activities to make it more inclusive, welcoming and supportive.
  • Advocate for students with disabilities and their families to ensure that their needs are being met, guaranteeing their rights are protected and they have access to the resources they need.
  • Provide support and guidance to teachers who work with students, ensuring they are properly trained in how to best meet the students needs and have access to the necessary resources and knowledge.

How would you make sure that all teachers are properly trained in all aspects of the educational process and that individual needs are met?

This question evaluates your ability to provide guidance and training for teachers to build a cohesive, well-equipped team. The hiring manager wants you to demonstrate the skills you would use to communicate with teachers, parents and students to align with the individual needs of the student.

How to answer this question

Your response should reveal your understanding of staff training, your ability to facilitate knowledge-sharing and skill development. You should include points such as:

  • Regular staff training.
  • Sharing good practice.
  • Setting time aside to hold meetings with staff.
  • Coaching and mentoring.
  • Strong communication with students and parents as well as teachers and staff.

A EHCP Coordinators role involves considerable paperwork, staff and parent liaison as well as a teaching component. How good are you at prioritising and meeting deadlines?

A hiring manager might ask about your skills in prioritisation and meeting deadlines to determine your suitability and ability to manage the roles and expectations of the position. The question aims to assess your skills in prioritisation and time management and ability to meet deadlines and work efficiently in a complex and demanding environment. 

The interviewer wants to know if you are aware and capable of meeting the demands of the role, specifically mentioning the paperwork and communication with others.

How to answer this question

Your answer should include examples of how you have prioritised work to meet deadlines in your career so far and your approach to juggling various responsibilities. Emphasise how you used your organisation and time-management skills to ensure tasks were completed on time and with accuracy.

How do you deal with stress?

The hiring manager wants to see how you deal with stressful situations in terms of your mental health and wellbeing, not just challenges to the role. An EHCP Coordinator is expected to work well under pressure and in stressful situations, and this question allows you to be transparent in your methods to stay calm, focused and stress-free.

How to answer this question

Your answer demonstrates your ability to manage stressful situations while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Include examples of times you dealt with a stressful situation and how you overcame it and learnt from it.

Mention your ability to build positive relationships, facilitate meetings, and maintain open lines of communication and how they benefit you and your work. You may use efficient methods or activities that are good stress relievers e.g. any exercise, yoga or meditation and how this helps you to remain focused or feel less stressed.

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