Books That Every SENCO Should Read

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In this blog, you will learn:

  • Books that every SENCO should read.
  • SENCO books on a variety of topics.
  • Where the latest SENCO jobs are and how to apply for them.

You can’t beat a good book that is filled with great content, information and insightful knowledge from beginning to end. As a qualified Teacher, a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) recognises the importance of continuous learning and the benefits of reading to enhance their knowledge, skills and understanding of special needs in schools.

The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Code of Practice is constantly changing and updating to better support the needs of pupils with SEND. The SENCO has the day-to-day responsibility for the operation of the SEND policy in schools.

Are you a SENCO looking for book recommendations? Check out our recommended list of books that every SENCO should read for valuable insights and strategies to support students with special needs in schools. Start reading today!

SENCO books on a variety of topics

There is a huge range of books that are beneficial to SENCOs for different reasons, depending on the stage of the SENCOs career, or what type of school they work in.

It is important to know what you want to gain out of it before you commit to buying a book e.g. specific subject advice or support, or for updates on the current SEND Code of Practice. 

Whether you want insights from a SENCO or expert advice on SENCO interview questions and answers, there are books full of information that cater to all your needs.

In the recommended reading list below, we have included a variety of books and guides that provide information and useful content to stay on top of changes and trends in the SEND system and teaching curriculum to help you develop practical skills. Check out our SENCO bookshop below!

Building knowledge

The SENCO Handbook: Leading Provision and Practice (2019).

As the name might suggest, this handbook is the perfect companion for aspiring and practising SENCOs, Teachers, Headteachers and Governors studying towards their National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination (NASENCO).

Authors Martin-Denham and Watts provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding of effective policy, provision and practice to meet the diverse needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities. With case studies, evidence based information and examples underpinning and strengthening connections between theory and practice.

Perfecting your craft

The Perfect SENCO (2014).

A lot can be said from the title of this book! Filled with key information and practical tips, The Perfect SENCO covers everything from changes in the current policy and SEND Code of Practice, to skills and strategies to improve and contribute significantly to the whole-school environment.

A great resource for all schools that are looking to embrace the national changes which came into force and showing how to support every teacher as a teacher of children with Special Educational Needs.

From aspiring and newly appointed, to more experienced SENCOs looking to keep up- to-date, this book is a perfect reference to coordinate the provision of and successfully raise the achievement of pupils with SEND.

The answers to all your questions

The Lone SENDCO: Questions and Answers for the Busy SENDCO (2022).

This one is for the independent SENCOs looking for support and answers to problems, challenges or concerns.

This book answers over 300 questions that a SENCO will face such as ‘How do I assess special needs for a child with English as an additional language?’ ‘How do I motivate disengaged learners?’ and ‘What do Ofsted look for in an inspection?’

Whether it's an experienced or new SENCO, this book is a great resource to learn from to understand the SENCO role and the SEND sector as a whole.

Secondary school

How to be a Secondary School SENCO: A Month by Month Guide (2020).

Written by an experienced teacher and SENCO, this book breaks down the various duties and responsibilities of a SENCO and provides valuable advice and insights to those who want to work at secondary level.

This is a great go-to-guide for all SENCOs and aspiring SENCOs, with a clear goal to work in a secondary school. This manual breaks down, month-by-month, all of the SENCO's various duties and responsibilities, and the qualifications to get you your dream job.

SEND Code of Practice

A Critical Guide to the SEND Code of Practice 0-25 years (2020) by Janet Goepel, Jackie Scruton and Caroline Wheatley.

A great read for trainees, teachers, SENCOs and other professionals working with children and young people who present with special educational needs or disability. SENCOs must comply with the SEND Code of Practice when making decisions regarding the needs of pupils with SEND.

In this comprehensive guidebook, the 3 authors provide critical insights into the details of the rules and responsibilities of a SENCO and all those involved as it is set out in the SEND Code of Practice. 

Studying towards the NASENCO qualification

Transforming the role of a SENCO (2017) by Graham Hallett and Fiona Hallett.

If you are a newly appointed SENCO studying towards your National Award for SEN Coordination, this is the guide for you. In this book Graham and Fiona Hallett, offer the reader an insight into the characteristics of a SENCO complete with the legislation and framework for completing the NASENCO.

This is a key text for SENCOs, or those aspiring to and looking to recognise the demands of the role. Transforming the Role of the SENCO is all about developing and understanding the qualities of a SENCO. 

Diversity and inclusion

The Inclusive Classroom: A New Approach to Differentiation (2021) by Daniel Sobel and Sara Alston.

Written by a trusted author and CEO, and an experienced SENCO and consultant, this book focuses on ways to support all students based on their personal, social and emotional skills to maximise learning for all pupils.

Being a SENCO requires an inclusive environment to understand the barriers to student’s learning and ways to look out for the needs of all children as individuals. With real life anecdotes and experience from teachers and how to improve learning outcomes for students with SEND, this is definitely a book that every SENCO should read.

The essential SENCO toolkit

SEND Assessment: A Strengths-Based Framework for Learners with SEND (The Essential SENCO Toolkit) (2021) by Judith Carter.

SEND Intervention: Planning Provision with Purpose (The Essential SENCO Toolkit) (2022) by Judith Carter.

Not one but two books! Not only are these double the information, but these are the ultimate resources providing a framework of materials, practical ideas and resources to empower SENCOs to continue to learn by themselves and confidently demonstrate progress for barriers to learning.

Discover the skills, materials and attributes that contribute to being a great SENCO, one that prioritises learning, determines progress and provides effective SEN provision in educational settings.

As a bonus, Carter's 2022 book contains a downloadable programme of materials that can be used by readers to gain a better understanding of interventions to capture the true impact of SEND provision.

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