9 Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency

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Searching for a new job can be a long and challenging process; if you’re in work, it can be difficult to balance your current position with a job search, applying for jobs and the interview process.

It can be even more stressful if you’re out of work as you may be feeling the strain financially, adding to your sense of urgency to secure a new position.

Today’s jobseeker has a choice of platforms in which to discover new career opportunities including job boards, company careers pages, social media and recruitment agencies.

In our latest insights piece, we’re going to take a look at recruitment agencies and 9 reasons why you should definitely be using one when searching for a new job.

Discover positions which aren’t advertised online

It’s a little known secret that recruiters will have access to positions which don’t appear across job boards or online. Uncovering a new pool of career opportunities could be the difference between you digging out your interview attire or not.

At Spencer Clarke Group, we work closely with councils, local authorities, the NHS and private sector clients - by sending us your CV, you could be considered for positions before they are even advertised online.

Recruiters will consider you for a wide range of career opportunities

At any one time, a recruitment agency will have a large number of jobs to fill so when you send your CV across to an agency, you are effectively putting yourself forward for a wide range of opportunities.

The recruiter will do their best to match your skills and location to any open positions they have, saving you valuable time in the process.

Recruiters will best match you to positions

Searching for a job is a time consuming process as you try and match your skills to positions you’re discovered online.

When working with a recruitment agency, the recruiters will take this job off your hands as they are fully experienced in matching CVs to open opportunities.

Here at Spencer Clarke Group, our Recruitment Consultants are all specialists within their industries so they will understand exactly which jobs you would thrive in!

Job opportunities could crop up at any time

Even if an agency doesn’t have anything suitable right away, the perfect job could crop up at any moment so it’s best to send your CV across to keep your options open.

As recruitment agencies will receive new vacancies by the hour, they will keep great CVs on file and reach out as and when the perfect job crops up for you.

Even if you’re currently employed, who knows what opportunities may present themselves in the future?

Match with the perfect company

It’s becoming increasingly important for employers to hire the ‘right fit’ for their business these days. That means they’re not only looking for someone who can do the job but someone who fits in with the company’s culture, values, and expectations.

By matching a jobseeker to the perfect company, it’s thought that the jobseeker will be more satisfied and perform better in their role.

As it’s within the recruiters best interest to place a jobseeker into a role they can thrive in, they will take extra care in making sure you’re placed with the right company for you.

Try before you buy

Many recruitment agencies, including Spencer Clarke Group, have career opportunities on a temporary or contract basis which means you can test out the recruitment agency and multiple companies before you commit to one long term.

If you’re unemployed, working with an agency in the short term could be an effective way to manage your finances whilst searching for a permanent position.

Gain experience

If you’re searching for a position which requires previous experience (and you don’t have any), taking on a temporary position through a recruitment agency might just be the springboard you need.

It will enable you to learn skills and build the experience you need for future positions; when the perfect permanent opportunity comes along, you’ll be good to go.

Gain insights into the recruitment process

As recruitment agencies work with employers day in and day out, they are fully equipped to advise candidates on how to succeed within the employer's individual recruitment process. By understanding exactly what the employer is looking for, you’ll be able to sail through the interview stages.

A good recruitment agency will coach you on interview techniques and provide valuable feedback after the interview in any areas which you may need to improve on.

Recruiters will negotiate terms on your behalf

A great recruitment agency will advise and negotiate terms, including salary, on your behalf. That means you can relax and let the recruiter handle any conversations that you might feel awkward having yourself.

At Spencer Clarke Group, we take care of all the negotiations, simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do the rest.

Who is Spencer Clarke Group? 

Since 2017, we've been changing the face of recruitment. From our employees, to the way we do business, to the culture within our office, we're determined to make a difference and create a positive impact on everyone around us.

Recruitment to us isn't just about matching candidates and clients; we’re passionate about finding candidates the perfect job which has the ability to boost their salary and standard of living, better their work life balance and improve their mental health. 

Similarly, we understand the impact which an experienced and skilled employee can make to a business and we love seeing clients thrive through the hard work of candidates which we have placed with them. 

We operate in two sectors:

Private Sector

Public Sector 

In eleven specialisms:

Accountancy & Finance

Education & SEND

Construction, Trades & Labour

Healthcare, Social Care & Nursing


Corporate Functions & Business Support

HR & Workforce Development

IT & Digital

Property & Asset Management  

Planning, Development & Regeneration 

Highways, Infrastructure & Engineering

If you’re searching for a new role, why not visit our job page to take a look at the latest opportunities? Alternatively, upload your CV and one of our experienced consultants will contact you when a relevant opportunity becomes available. 

If you’re struggling to fill a role, why don’t you give us a call on 01772 954200 to see how we can help? One of our consultants will be happy to listen to the challenges which you are facing and advise on the best possible solution for you.

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