3 Tips to Write the Perfect SEND Teacher Cover Letter

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In this blog, you will learn:

  • The purpose of a cover letter.
  • The key elements to the perfect SEND Teacher cover letter.
  • 3 tips to write an effective SEND Teacher cover letter.
  • Where the latest SEND Teacher jobs are and how to apply for them.

Writing a compelling cover letter is crucial when applying for a SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) Teacher position. Many teachers don’t realise that an effective cover letter can make the difference between being shortlisted for the job of their dreams and not making it past the first stage of the recruitment process.

When writing a cover letter for a SEND Teacher position, it's essential to convey your qualifications, experience, and passion for working with students with special needs effectively. 

Even if you think you don’t have enough experience to make your cover letter stand out, it is important for candidates to be able to briefly and concisely describe themselves, their achievements and their goals for the future.

Here are 3 expert tips to help you write the perfect cover letter, showcasing your expertise in the field of special education, to increase your chances of getting hired.

What is the purpose of a cover letter?

A cover letter is an important document in your job application that acts as a complimentary bonus to a CV. A cover letter introduces you to an employer, encourages them to consider your application and provides further detail into your understanding of the role and passion for the school.

The significance of a cover letter can vary depending on the company's values and the position you're applying for, but it's an important tool to help you get the job you want. It isn’t always essential to include a cover letter, however, according to OnePoll, 77% of hiring decision-makers said they would read the cover letter even if it wasn’t required.

A cover letter can provide additional context for a candidate's application and allow candidates to elaborate on key points in their CV which is crucial in making a strong impression.

According to a survey by OnePoll, 36% of hiring decision-makers read a candidate’s cover letter before they review the CV. This makes it crucial for a cover letter to be compelling, strong and informative to sell you as the perfect candidate for the SEND Teacher job.

Key elements to the perfect SEND Teacher cover letter

The perfect cover letter provides the hiring manager with further detail on how your skill set aligns with the role, what you can bring to the team and why you want the position. 

Here are the key elements to include in your SEND Teacher cover letter:

  • Contact details.
  • Introduction.
  • The position you are applying for.
  • Qualifications.
  • Education.
  • Teaching experience.
  • Examples of success.
  • Demonstrate passion and enthusiasm for the role.
  • Thank the employer.

3 tips to write the perfect SEND Teacher cover letter

3 tips to writing the perfect SEND Teacher cover letter include:

  • Outline your experience of working with SEND students.
  • Explain how you would support students with SEND.
  • Do your research and tailor your cover letter.

Outline your experience working with SEND students

One of the most appealing benefits when recruiting a SEND Teacher is being able to see examples of experience and evidence working with SEND pupils. This means it is important for candidates to demonstrate in their cover letter their suitability for the position by describing their experiences working with SEND students.

The hiring manager or recruiter will be looking for candidates that have experience of working with students with special educational needs - therefore it is important to highlight your experience, understanding and level of expertise.

Specify the types of disabilities or special needs you have experience with (e.g. autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, emotional/behavioural disorders) and outline your knowledge of SEND. 

Provide an overview of your experience working with SEND students, including the duration of your experience and the types of settings (e.g. schools, rehabilitation centres, community programs). Highlight previous roles, training, or specific cases where you supported pupils with SEND and emphasise how your experience prepares you for the role of a SEND Teacher.

Explain how you would support students with SEND

Explain what strategies you would use to support students and provide evidence-based examples where appropriate. This will not only indicate to the employer that you have the experience but also that you have the knowledge and initiative to come up with strategies.

In your cover letter, describe how you would address the needs of students with SEND and share some examples of success stories as a result of your guidance, support and experience.

Explain how your practical experience and level of expertise would benefit the school you are applying to and the students who require additional support. Mention your enthusiasm and ability to play a vital role in helping children overcome any barriers they may face during their education and making a positive impact on their lives.

Describe your experience in managing behaviour and challenges and provide examples of your strategies for promoting positive behaviour and a supportive classroom environment.

Emphasise your understanding of individualised education plans and your ability to adapt teaching strategies to meet diverse needs.

Do your research and tailor your cover letter

It is crucial that you write a targeted cover letter for each job you apply to to increase your chances of getting an interview. Research the school you are applying for and use your cover letter to emphasise any qualities or requirements the school is looking for, and highlight your shared values.

Tailoring your skills and experience in each cover letter, enables you to focus on the specific requirements of the job and how that makes you the perfect fit for the job and culture. A targeted cover letter will outperform a generic one and yield positive results from hiring managers who identify the effort and commitment from tailored cover letters.

Throughout the cover letter, refer to the specifics of the role and demonstrate your knowledge, relevant skills and experience. Candidates should demonstrate that they are not only aware of what the role requires, but also that they have researched and gained insight into the school.

SEND Teacher jobs

If you’re searching for your next SEND Teacher job, get in touch with our Managing Consultant, Jamie Heath, who can advise on the best SEND jobs available on the market now. 

Alternatively, upload your CV and one of our consultants will get in touch with you when an opportunity becomes available.

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