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The Amazing Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Work

If you are one of the 3.2 million households which acquired a pet during lockdown, you might already be in the situation of juggling dog mum/dad duties with the demands of your job.

The good news is that the number of employers allowing our furry friends to join us in the office is on the rise - and with good reason.

Not only do they look adorable, the company of a dog in the workplace can actually do wonders for your wellbeing! Even just stroking a dog releases oxytocin into the bloodstream which makes you (and the dog) feel good! This can help to lower blood pressure, decrease stress levels and increase productivity!

Savvy employers perfectly understand the therapeutic benefits for their employees and companies such as Ticketmaster, Nestle, Google and Brewdog now all welcome dogs into their office spaces.

A survey by Blue Cross found that more than 90% of businesses who allow dogs at work, have seen a positive change in their workplace with 67% saying it improves staff morale.

Work pups are also a great way to strengthen relationships between colleagues as their social nature can often influence how humans behave too. If communications are poor within an office, an office dog can be the perfect way for colleagues to break the ice and strike up a conversation.

Here at Spencer Clarke Group, we can vouch first hand for dogs being the best office companions. We are regularly joined by our office pups, Barney, Mabel and Opal who, despite not being the biggest fans of delivery men, bring endless enjoyment throughout the working day. They also help to keep our teams active as we’re never short on offers to take them on a lunchtime walk!

Opal, Mabel & Barney

If you’re tempted to take your pooch into the office but you’re nervous about introducing them to a new and potentially noisy environment, there are a few key things to remember.

Before introducing your dog into your workplace, you should consider carrying out a risk assessment.

  • Assess whether it’s safe for a dog like yours, in terms of its physicality and temperament, to be in your workplace.

  • Check to see if any of your colleagues have pet allergies or phobias and put a plan in place to keep everyone safe, healthy and happy. That might mean only allowing pets in specific areas.

  • Take extra consideration if your dog is prone to stress and anxiety or if your dog is young and not as familiar with certain sounds and noises.

  • It is important that your dog is house trained as your employer won’t be too pleased to find little accidents on the floor.

When taking a dog into the office with you, remember that whilst they may enjoy the fuss and attention for a period of time, it is important to make sure they are not becoming overwhelmed.

If you notice them displaying signs of stress such as panting or licking their lips, give them some time out and advise your colleagues accordingly!

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