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What if I Have No Experience To Talk About on My CV?

​If you are just embarking on your career, you may be in a position where you don't have much experience to talk about on your CV. If this is the case, you don’t need to worry about your CV lacking in substance as there are other things which you can include.

The main thing to remember is that nobody has NO experience. You may not have previously been in long-term employment, but think about any life experience you have gained.

You may have overcome difficult situations in your past that have allowed you to build on your personal skills. A hiring manager will always value such experience.

If you are struggling with what experience to include, here are some tips to get around it:

Treat your extracurricular activities and any voluntary work like a job

If you have taken part in any extracurricular activities or volunteered at an organisation then you should definitely focus on this.

Whilst this type of experience may not be related to the role you are applying for, recruiters will definitely value the skills you were able to use in such circumstances!

Focus on your qualifications

Having additional qualifications up your sleeve is a great way to impress a hiring manager. If you have been to university and completed a degree, focus on this to fill any gaps where you may be lacking in employment experience.

The skills and life experience you gain from completing an additional qualification, are just as valuable to an employer as those developed during employment.

Give plenty of attention to your personal statement

If you are lacking in work experience, your personal statement is your secret weapon!

This is your opportunity to really sell yourself to the employer. Be bold in addressing what you might lack in experience, you make up for in other ways.

Summarise who you are, what you can offer and what your career goals are in a style which reflects who you are. Hiring managers get bored of cliché personal statements so take the time to make sure yours really stands out!

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