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What Hobbies Should I Mention on My CV?

​Once upon a time, hiring managers would hire for skill or base their decision off your qualifications. However, for a number of years now, hiring managers have learnt that it is much more important to hire someone who is a good fit for the culture of their business.

Including hobbies on your CV is a really good way of showing an employer what you have to offer in addition to your professional experience.

It is important to bear in mind however that you are creating a CV and not a dating profile, so you should only include hobbies that will really add value to your CV.

Elaborating on how particular hobbies and the skills they have equipped you with, will benefit the employer is also advised. There is no issue with simply bullet-pointing your hobbies, but adding context is important so that the recruiter can see the relevance to their job role.

It is an especially good idea to write about your hobbies on your CV, if you are lacking in work or educational experience.

If you are struggling to think of any hobbies that are relevant for your CV, then it is best to just leave them off completely. Don’t be tempted to add irrelevant clichés as they won’t add any value for the employer and may distract them from the important parts of your CV.

Hobbies say a lot about a person, for instance;

  • Games / puzzles, such as Chess or Sudoku to show that you can think strategically

  • Exercising, such as going to the gym or walking your dog, to show that you are self motivated

  • Blog writing to show that you have a passion for your industry

  • Arts and crafts, playing music or photography to demonstrate that you are creative

  • Endurance sports, such as swimming or marathons to show you have the ability to push yourself

  • Team sports, such as football or netball, to demonstrate that you can work well as part of a team

  • Volunteering shows that you have a kind and compassionate side

Unless you’re applying to a job at Netflix, avoid including hobbies such as ‘Watching Netflix’ as this doesn’t really demonstrate a character trait which an employer would be looking for.

We’d also advise against anything political or ‘socialising with friends’ as these will not add anything to your application.

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