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23 Ways To Be Happier At Work

​If you have found yourself in a rut at work, and giving 110% day in day out has started to take its toll on you, we know that you won’t be alone.

Feeling happy at your workplace is so important for many reasons; happy employees tend to be more engaged, work harder and perform better which is great for your career and wellbeing.

From a survey of 170,000 professionals, only one third are happy in their jobs most of the time. Unhappiness at work can heavily impact on employee wellbeing; the survey also found that 44% had lost sleep and 43% were lacking in energy due to their unhappiness at work.

Here at Spencer Clarke Group, we have compiled 23 of our favourite ways to help you feel happier in the workplace:


Make sure you are in a career that you are passionate about - This will keep you motivated to succeed within your role and make every day that little bit happier.


Be honest about your skills and experience - This way you won’t be out of your depth or on the other hand, over qualified for the responsibilities that you are given.


Find a job that you can switch off from in your free time - Separating your personal and professional life is vital for being able to relax during your down time.


Avoid office politics and office drama - The added stress of work disputes is not what anyone needs in addition to their workload.


Reward your successes and achievements - It is important that you are always giving yourself the credit that you deserve for succeeding at work.


Decorate your desk to suit your style - This will give you familiar surroundings and help you to feel settled in the workplace.


Keep your work area clean and tidy - We all know the saying, a tidy desk means a tidy mind!


Take your lunch break away from your desk- A change of scenery midday will help you feel refreshed for the afternoon ahead.


Get an early night before work - Waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead will set you off on the right foot.


Set yourself regular targets - Having work related goals is a vital part of remaining passionate about your job.


Use your annual leave wisely - Plan fun things to do on your days off so that you have things to look forward to when you are at work.


Make your mornings count - Try getting up a little earlier to go for a quick walk before you clock on for the day, fresh air always helps!


Plan the day ahead - Having a routine will help you to prioritise any important tasks and will help you keep on top of your workload.


Help a coworker if they are struggling with something - They will really appreciate this and might return the favour one day.


Create a playlist of songs you love - Playing upbeat music in the background is bound to boost your mood!


Eat well and drink plenty of water - This will help to increase your energy levels and the better you feel within yourself, the better you should feel within the workplace.


Arrive at work in plenty of time - Having time to prepare for the day should stop you from feeling rushed and give you the chance to make yourself a coffee (coffee always helps!)


Spend your free time doing things that you enjoy - This will leave you feeling happier in general and should reflect on how you feel about work.


Be prepared to listen to team mates - People will always have differing opinions on certain topics, taking the time to listen to others might broaden your own ideas and in turn change your mindset to a more positive one.


Be prepared to make changes if needed - Being open to flexibility within the workplace is important so that you are willing to change with the needs of your company. In doing so you should feel more at ease in your workplace.


Encourage a positive culture within your workplace - Working at a company that has a happy office environment will reflect on how you feel about the job.


Plan some team bonding events - This will give you the chance to get to know people who you spend less time with at work.


Don’t worry about things out of your control - It is pointless wasting your energy on things you can’t control, instead focus this on hitting targets and being happy at work!

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