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​5 Killer Questions To Ask in Your Next Interview

​Most interviews will conclude with the opportunity for you to ask any questions. This is the perfect time to clear up anything which you’re unsure about, discover more about the role which you would be doing and most importantly, impress them by asking some insightful and interesting questions.

By not asking any questions, it will display a lack of interest in the role. We’d recommend that you have a list of 6-8 questions prepared in anticipation that some of them will be answered during the interview.

In our latest insights piece, we’ve compiled 5 killer questions which you should ask in your next interview.

Can you give me some feedback on how this interview went?

During the interview, you should have an idea of how it went but by asking this question, you will be able to find out if your interviewer felt the same way.

An interview which is filled with insightful conversation and exceeds the allotted time are signs that it’s gone well. From their answer, you should be able to judge if you’re in with a shout of getting the job.

If you fell short in any area, constructive feedback will be useful for any future interviews which you may have. Practice makes perfect!

Do you have any reservations about me?

This is a great way to find out if the interviewer has any reservations about you before you leave.

Interviews can be nerve wracking and the pressure may mean that you didn’t answer a question in as much detail as they would prefer.

If they indicate any areas of concern, this is your golden opportunity to put any reservations to bed.

For example, if they highlight that you might not have the right skillset, this is your chance to revisit the skills you have and detail how they are relevant to the job in question.

If you don’t have the skills or experience they require, use this time to explain how you are dedicated to learning and growing within this role.

What does success look like?

Success comes in many shapes and sizes. What one company might celebrate, another might view it as a catastrophic failure. By asking this question, you will be able to clearly identify what they are expecting the successful candidate to achieve and how you could advance your own career within the business.

The job advert might give you some indication into how they will answer this question; by preempting their response, you can keep a natural flow to the conversation and assure them that you can achieve what they’re looking for.

Your interviewer will be seriously impressed that you’re a candidate who wants to succeed in their role - rather than a candidate who will take the job and coast.

How can I impress you?

Again, this question is similar to the previous in how it expresses that you’re looking to thrive within the role and impress the business.

If you’re ambitious and looking to further your career, you will need to stand out from your colleagues. By asking this question, you can ascertain the level of standard which they already have or expect - and what you’ll need to do to go above and beyond.

For example, in a sales position, the average standard might be achieving 110% to target each month. In order to over achieve, you would need to reach above 110%.

What makes people stay at this business?

This is a great question to ask to figure out more about the company and the benefits of working there. Your interviewer probably won’t be expecting you to ask this so it will be interesting to see if they hesitate or can’t answer the question.

You should be looking for benefits which align with what you find important. Do they offer flexible working? Do they pay salaries above the industry average? Do they foster a positive and inspiring working environment? Do they provide amazing opportunities to develop professionally?

Keep a close eye on the interviewer's body language when they answer this question. If they answer confidently looking you straight in the eye, they are probably giving you a fair representation of why people love working there. If they’re fidgeting and can’t hold eye contact, they might be misleading you.

A quick search on Glassdoor will give you an idea of what previous employees loved about working there so it will be interesting to see if the 2 descriptions match.

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