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3 Things You Need To Know About Retained Recruitment

​ One of the biggest challenges which a business can face is recruiting for senior positions. Senior level employees such as CEO’s, Executives and Senior Management can make or break a business so getting it right is the only option. The implications for getting it wrong can be profound.

Even recruiting for roles which don’t require a vast amount of skills and experience is easier said than done. Difficult or rural locations and time sensitive hires can also exacerbate what is already a very challenging search.

So how do businesses tackle the tricky task of recruiting for this type of talent?

The answer is that they look towards a Retained recruitment service from an experienced recruitment agency which specialises in their industry. A Retained recruitment service will provide them with an altogether different approach, one which their in-house teams don’t have the time or experience to handle.

In our latest insights piece, we take a look at 3 things which you need to know about Retained recruitment and if this is a solution which will work for you.

Services will be fully tailored

When you’re recruiting at such a high level, it’s imperative that the successful candidate is ticking every box so services will be tailored to your individual requirements.

Adopting a single approach from business to business simply doesn’t work as the successful candidate must obtain very particular skills and experience and be confident that they can achieve the businesses objectives.

Additionally, not only must the candidate align with the company company culture, they must be an embodiment of the businesses beliefs and set the standard for which other employees should follow.

With very specific requirements, the ideal candidate will be near impossible to find using the traditional recruitment process. A recruitment agency fully understands that they must adopt a rigorous methodology in the quest to locate the perfect person.

A rigorous methodology must be adopted

As mentioned, your average recruitment process will not cut the mustard when it comes to recruiting senior level roles.

In fact, using a traditional recruitment service for senior level roles means that you could be missing up to 70% of relevant talent in your area.

When recruiting for difficult to fill positions, an agency will adopt a rigorous headhunting process including reaching out to passive or diasporic talent. These are just some of the ways in which a Retained recruitment service will differ and cater to the individual and comprehensive needs of the client.

Reaching out to passive candidates is often a longer but more successful way of sourcing the perfect candidate. Let’s face it, if you’re searching for talent at such a senior level, the chances are that they will already be in employment.

Many professionals won’t actively be searching for a new position but will seize the opportunity should it come along. In fact, it’s thought that 73% of professionals are passive candidates.

Attracting diasporic talent can also be particularly fruitful if the client requires the candidate to have local and cultural understanding as well as experience within developed markets.

You’ll receive a superior service

Due to the time implications and level of work required, recruitment agencies will only offer Retained recruitment on an exclusive basis. By having exclusivity, you will usually find that the best and most experienced Recruitment Consultants within the agency will take care of your comprehensive needs.

Due to understanding the importance of filling the position, Consultants will mark your vacancy as a high priority and work as quickly as possible to exceed expectations within your set time frame.

A great recruitment agency will give you a detailed structure and timelines for when you can expect the deliverables. By having a transparent service, both parties can work in unison towards a common goal.

Discover more

To discover more about the Retained service which Spencer Clarke Group can offer, visit here now.

Alternatively, give us a call on 01772 954200. Our Consultants will be able to explain more about this service, listen to your individual needs and advise whether this is the right solution for your requirements.