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6 Benefits of Wellness Programs in the Workplace

​When searching for a new career opportunity, it is important to consider a number of factors. Is the work life balance manageable? How much of your day will be spent commuting? Are you able to afford the lifestyle you want? Will you enjoy the job?

But in this day in age, it is increasingly important to also consider your wellbeing and how a potential future workplace could benefit and enhance this.

With the cost of living reaching its highest level since the 70s, the squeeze and pressure on household finances could result in professionals neglecting their personal wellbeing. For instance, if a professional is struggling financially, they may cancel their gym membership or find themselves working more which could lead to employee burnout.

An employee with poor wellbeing is not good for business which is why employers are introducing wellness programs in their droves.

So what is a wellness program? Essentially, it's a program which includes any kind of initiative or activity designed to improve the physical and mental health of a company's employees.

It’s fairly common for employers to put initiatives in place to care for an employee's physical health (free gym membership, free fruit etc…) but in recent years, there has been an increased focus on taking care of employees mental health as well.

Recent data from the UK’s Top Employers found that 96% of companies now promote physical activities, 98% have initiatives to raise awareness on emotional wellbeing and 80% have a wellbeing champion to drive initiatives through its wellness program.

Initiatives could include additional days off to recharge, a spa voucher to unwind or access to an app which contains expert advice to coach them through the more challenging aspects of their life.

Whichever way an employer chooses to look after their team's wellness, there are many benefits which it can provide for both their employees and them in return. Let’s take a look at 6 of those benefits.

Improves employees productivity

It goes without saying, happier employees are more productive employees. Poor health can lead to tiredness and a lack of motivation which will never benefit a company.

If a wellness project is in place, an improvement in health should be seen, leading to increased productivity in the workplace.

This will of course be advantageous to an employer, productive team members are far more efficient than those not willing to contribute to the overall success of the company.

Increase your talent pool

If you’re recruiting, the chances are that potential applicants will have taken a look at the benefits on offer when joining you.

Free parking and flexible working hours are all very well, but a wellness program (that works) can really help an employer stand out on a busy job board.

By going above and beyond to care for employee wellbeing and offering something which isn’t ‘run of the mill perks’ will only help to increase your applications and talent pool.

Improves employee morale

A wellness program can not only increase the productivity of a team but the benefits it provides will inevitably boost morale and overall happiness.

A successful wellness program should not only provide support with making employees feel healthier but should also ensure they are feeling content and motivated in their day to day life.

Employees remain loyal to the company

A successful wellness program could also mean the difference between an individual choosing to remain at or leave a company.

If an employee is seeing the benefits a wellness program is having on their life, they are less likely to have their head turned by offers of employment from elsewhere.

Employee retention is extremely important to every company and a wellness program is one of the best ways to ensure this.

Healthcare costs are reduced

If an individual has their mental and physical health cared for, they are less likely to fall ill or need time off work. In turn, this can save a professional money whether it be through saving on prescription costs or taking unpaid time off work.

Employers will also gain through less absenteeism; it’s thought that sick employees can cost the UK economy up to £77.5 billion a year!

Adds variety to the week

As well as the obvious benefits, a wellness program can help to add variety to what could feel like a long week.

For employees, having wellness activities to take part in, such as organised fitness classes, will help to motivate employees.

They say change is as good as a rest so a change in focus, even for a short period, will help to re-energise the mind.

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