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Behind the Scenes at the Making of ‘Are You Afraid of the Clarke?’

Nothing was as it seemed in the Spencer Clarke Group office this week. There were treats... but there were a lot more tricks!

To celebrate the Halloween festivities, one of our Senior Consultants, Dane Matthews, was assigned a very special and top secret mission - to dress in a clown costume and give everyone a little surprise as they walked into work on Monday morning. We like to call him Clarke the Clown!

Preparations were made weeks in advance to ensure that no-one would suspect a thing. Over the weekend, the office was decorated and rigged with a little surprise or two!

The ‘Scream Team’ (Clarke, the videographer and the Marketing Manager, Debbie) arrived bright and early to set up the cameras and lie in wait for the first victim.

As an unsuspecting Matt Byrne Fraser, Managing Consultant in our Accountancy & Finance department, arrived at 7.30am, Dane channeled his inner evil clown and sprung out from behind the bins to surprise him!

From the look on his face, it’s fair to say that Matt was not expecting it!

Over the following hour, Clarke lay in wait from various spots around the office as the whole Spencer Clarke Group team arrived one by one.

Fortunately, the whole Spencer Clarke Group team took the prank in good spirit.

Following a morning of surprises, we moved onto the wheel of doom with some of the team volunteering to spin the wheel to get a trick or a lovely treat.

First up was Matt Byrne-Fraser who landed on ‘Treat’, bagging himself a haul of chocolate and sweets in the process.

Next up was Executive Search Consultant, Lauren Bailey, who landed on ‘Trick’ which resulted in her delving to find a mini Dime bar in a bowl of flour - using only her mouth.

Recruitment Consultant, Joe O’Halloran landed on ‘Trick’ and chose to bob for apples.

Senior Consultant, Cameron Nicholls and Recruitment Consultant, John Shorrock, also faced the dreaded bowl of flour after landing on ‘Trick.’

Following the festivities, the whole team were rewarded with a bag of goodies for being good sports!

At Spencer Clarke Group, we are big on our '11 Points of Culture' which includes fun, ambition and passion.

As a young, vibrant team, we’re always coming up with creative ways to foster a positive working environment which we believe is encapsulated in our 2021 Halloween video.

We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we did making it!