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NHS Case Study

NHS Case Study

“When the Covid crisis and lockdown happened, we had to isolate and shield several of our Domestic Services staff. This meant that we would struggle to keep the hospital clean and the patients and staff safe just when we needed to the most.

For this first time, I had to go to the agencies and ask them to send us staff who could be relied upon to turn up when they should, and do what turned out to be very difficult work under very difficult circumstances.

I approached Adam on day one and his response was fantastic. He understood exactly what I needed and he and I were in constant contact to make sure that we could maintain our service.

He was happy to listen to what I said and did not assume he knew what was required, and he made sure the staff we had were DBS checked before they came to us. Even when a few staff did not work out, he was able to find more very quickly, which meant we were not left in the lurch. He also made sure that any discrepancies in charging were sorted out with the finance team in a timely manner.

​This excellent service continued throughout the crisis and I know that should I need to go to them again for staff, he would be able to help. I would not hesitate to recommend Adam and it has been a pleasure working with him.”

Support Services Manager, Operational Services